Weekend Projects…

26 03 2011

Time to get to work...

I’m happy to be home again and I’ve got a few projects to take care of this weekend.

  • my Boulder Bicycle All Road needs the v-brakes/levers pulled and cantis installed. The v-brake on the front interferes with the Nitto M12 rack. It’s been at least a decade since I last setup up some cantis so I’ll be referring to Sheldon Brown and Park Tools online expertise!
  • Most of the folks I had hoped would ride with me on the Victoria Populaire have dropped off for various reasons. But, my friend Sean decided to give it a go. He was worried about his road bike’s lack of fenders and asked me to help him install some Crud Roadracer MK2 fenders on his rig. I’m stoked about that because I wanted to check a set of these out, but didn’t have a bike that they made sense on.
  • the Victoria Populaire takes place on Sunday so I need to upload the route into my GPS. Now that I know what a limited route mapping ability it has [50 waypoints for turn by turn navigation] hopefully I can massage the route so that  it works without any road side edits or cursing on my part! If this doesn’t go well you’ll be seeing a new GPS review on this blog next week….hahaha!
  • I’ll be riding the 100K route and Sean will tackle the 50K route. Kurt may come out and ride the 50K or 100K route.



4 responses

26 03 2011

Sorry for dropping out Vik. Body still says no 😦

26 03 2011
Mike Croy

Hey Vik!
See you tomorrow at the populaire, look for the short guy with the Soma Extra smooth and honjo fenders.
I’ll be doing the 100km also.

26 03 2011
Mike S

Hi Vik
Long time reader, first time poster!
I’ve noticed that you complain (now and previously) about the Vista’s lack of routable waypoints and wonder if you are aware that you can create a Track using MapSource, and then upload that to the GPS. Then you just use the TrackBack function as normal (which you can force to follow roads if you like). Gives you 10,000 points to play with. Just a thought anyway. Enjoy your ride.

26 03 2011

@Mike S – the trackback feature doesn’t give turn by turn navigation options [at least I don’t think it does] and that’s essential for night riding. Also when I try and upload a track with more than 500 points to my Garmin it freaks out and truncates the track so I only get a small portion of the total route.

@Mike C – cool! I’ll be on my white Boulder. I’m riding with a slow friend so I may not see you much, but he’s bailing at 50km so I may see you towards the end of the ride. If you are up for a post ride pint let me know….=-)

@Paul – I would do whatever your body suggests is best. I’d be happy to ride the 50K route with you at a later date.

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