Almost done!

23 03 2011

I love towing through a marsh!

I’m nearly done…=-)! By the end of the week I will have hauled that 30-40lbs of gear a minimum of 40kms through snow, forest, marsh, uphill, downhill, across slopes, while it was snowing & raining, while the wind was howling, etc…

I just hope to God that there is some crossover fitness benefit for my upcoming brevets…well other than the ability to suffer while physically exerting yourself for long periods of time!…=-)



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23 03 2011

Hey, Vic,

What’s the dude behind you doing? In each picture, he seems to have the better end of that partnership…. 🙂

23 03 2011

@Bob – that’s a girl who is carrying a GPS receiver and a battery/electronics package for the sensor I am towing. She’s got the easier job because it’s more ergonomic to stand up straight and walk vs. pulling and twisting that cart which hits all sorts of things and jerks and tugs at you all day. I need her in one piece to finish the job so I didn’t want to break her and the best way to do that was to give her the walking job. As long as I can physically do the pulling I don’t mind as I prefer to get a better workout, but after the day in the marsh [which was crazy hard] I could barely stand up!

Worst part is when I get back to the hotel after 8-9hrs of the cart pulling I have to spend 4-5hrs reviewing the data, writing reports and planning the next day’s activities.

It’s all good though. This pays for my bikes and I don’t need a gym membership…=-)

23 03 2011
Steve Jones

…and the job ( which looks so fun we all want to try it! ) is……?
1) Making crop circles
2) Scoping out potential bike trails
3) none of the above

Hey, at least it’s not a desk job and you’re getting fresh air!

23 03 2011

Free exercise, especially if it is enjoyable, is awesome. Glad to note your new activities. Best of luck!
Peace 🙂

24 03 2011

@Chandra – well it’s better than free – I get paid to do this form of exercise….however, I can’t say I actually enjoy it! It could be worse though…=-)

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