Cycling to the Moon…

19 03 2011

Cycling to the Moon...

Katja left a comment on my Traffic Cone Fashion post and provided a link to this picture and the text below.

I am from Germany.

I come from a country where cycling is the norm.

There are no strange whisperings and looks when you whiz past on your bike. Or shouting abuse from your fellow road users.

I am struggling to understand UK cycling. It is weird, and I really don’t mean it in a wonderful way. Recently I went to a cycling conference, where someone described a mainland European saying: “You UK cyclists always look like you are cycling to the moon, and back again.”

That simple sentence summed it all up for me. That’s how I feel about UK cycling too. Cyclists look serious, almost on a mission. A secret sect. It doesn’t look fun and certainly doesn’t look normal – you need a uniform and safety equipment to participate in that special activity.

But I believe this is now changing. Change is coming. Slowly. There are rumblings. People on bikes are not prepared to take it anymore. We know we are an intricate part of the solution to one of the biggest problems we are facing in the UK: tackling the World of Indifference.

Be different. Be strong and be proud of being different. For that even I may sometimes dress if I were cycling to the moon. Return ticket always included!

– – – –

The Newcastle Cycling Campaign wants cycling to be normal and commonplace”



4 responses

19 03 2011
Dr Jim

Thank you Thank you Thank you…..After living in a NW suburb of Atlanta for 12 years, where cars are king, I long for the days when i would bike to work in New England and people actually respected and appreciated your right to bike! But, I won’t give up my part of life that has biking a central way of life. It just feels more natural, more fun, and more fit…..all good stuff for a good quality of life. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

20 03 2011
Andy allsopp

We are cycling to the moon. We do it every 4th Friday from Hyde Park Corner. Come join us at: 🙂

20 03 2011

Hi Vic, i read your blog and was impressed by the tikit.

I bought it and enjoyed it immersely, but recently i had a annoying problem.

Every pedal circle i make, theres a squeaking sound. I isolated it to the seatpost/latch/locking mech area.

Was wondering if you faced this problem before ?

21 03 2011

@Ccloo – no I haven’t have any squeaking issues with my Tikit. What year did you buy it in?

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