Working it!

16 03 2011

Super busy at work - not much time for blogging!...=-(



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16 03 2011

First thing that came into my head upon seeing this pic was Ghostbusters lol.

16 03 2011
Bob Hopkins

Hey, Vik,

Love your site, I’ve been following it for several months. I gotta ask: what is your profession?


16 03 2011

This looks like a picture from a photo caption contest.

16 03 2011

That stuff looks suspiciously like surveying equipment. Probably to measure distance, elevation, and maybe even interface with a GPS system.

16 03 2011

@Bob – I’m an engineer by education, but 10yrs as an army captain with zero engineering right after university got me off track in that career path! I’m a consultant now so I do a lot of things from management type work, to quality control/geophysical technical stuff.

In this photo I’m towing a electromagnetic sensor w/GPS over a field to locate military ordnance. This was the easiest part of the property and the work is extremely hard physically, but also a great workout!

16 03 2011

just my guess, EM survey with GPS…

16 03 2011
Mike McArthur

Ordinance huh?! I was going guess O&G RoW mapping, but this sound much more interesting.

17 03 2011

Surely you could mount something like that on a Big Dummy….

17 03 2011

The big dummy can haul that gear on flatish terrain, but the goal is to locate large bits of metal and since the BD is a very large bit of metal being close to it wouldn’t get you any useful readings.

I’m just taking a break after hauling a 50lbs sled through 1.5′ of snow in the trees. A bike would be even leas fun to push/pull. Even a Pugsley.

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