I’m sponsored by Catrike!

15 03 2011

I'm never standing up again...=-)

Hahaha…just kidding. I only wish I was a sponsored Catriker…=-) I helped my boss buy a Catrike Expedition just like this one. Sweet rig.

Do I look like a natural born triker?

The nice folks at Fairfield Bicycle let me ride this Catrike around their store a bit, but they said if I scratched the paint or burned too much rubber I’d have to buy it. So I kept it under 15kph…=-)

If you don’t know what a Catrike is watch these videos.



4 responses

15 03 2011

pretty awesome, but I don’t need any more bikes on my ‘bikes to buy’ list! I just ordered a NWT!

15 03 2011
Ty Smith

Looks pretty cool!

I hear the only real downside for recumbants in general is climbing. Other than that, they are supposedly fantastic.

I would love to try one same day as well, but not sure if I really want to buy the obligatory sport jacket with leather elbows that is required…

18 03 2011

looks like a cross between a wheel chair and a la-z-boy rocker.

26 03 2011

‘bent trikes rock. My bride and I tried out a Greenspeed GTT only problem was the price tag. We were able to get up to 30mph on flat ground and neither one of us in particularly in shape.


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