Boulder Bicycle All Road Build…

11 03 2011

My Boulder Bicycle All Road...

Boulder Bicycle All Road

  • frame size custom tweaked but essentially size E 57.7cm TT
  • frame welded by Waterford
  • skinny standard size tube set [7-4-7mm TT and 8-5-8mm DT]
  • 1″ steel fork with 70mm offset [~30mm trail]
  • colour pearl white
  • Nitto Noodle 42cm bars
  • MEC white bar tape
  • Nitto 95mm 5 deg rise stem UI 5GX
  • Miche needle bearing headset
  • Nitto seatpost [single bolt]
  • Selle Anatomica Titanico
  • Cane Creek brake levers
  • Tektro 720 canti brakes w/ Koolstop salmon pads
  • Jagwire brake and cable housing
  • Shimano 9spd bar end shifters
  • Front derailleur Shimano LX
  • Sugino triple cranks [48/36/26] 175mm
  • SKF BB
  • Time ATAC XS pedals
  • SRAM 9spd chain PC971
  • Shimano 9spd 11-32 or 13-26 cassette
  • Nitto M-12 rack
  • Velocity Synergy 650B 32H rims
  • Front hub SON Deluxe
  • Rear hub White Industries
  • Grand Bois Hetres 42mm 650B tires
  • Honjo hammered fenders
  • Edelux headlight
  • Planet Bike Superflash/Blinky 7 taillight
  • Berthoud large [28] black bar bag
  • Cateye Strada bike computer
  • Velo Orange bottle cages
  • Planet Bike frame pump



10 responses

11 03 2011

What a superb build! Really wonderful bike you composed…

11 03 2011

Just beautiful! The white really looks great. It’s going to be even nicer looking when you put the white tires on. About the silver decals, was that a big deal to put together or does he keep several colors on hand now? On the site it still says that Blue is the only option for the decals.

I’m am just dying to get my frame now, seeing post after post of yours! There aren’t that many out in the wild (the “wild” that’s represented on the internet) to look at, which surprises me because you’d think people would want to show them off. I’ve only found four or five on Flickr.

Mine will have a very similar build, same brakes, crank, headlight, rims, tires, and hubs, but a 36h on the rear. I’ve got the Nitto M13 rack. I’m debating on which fenders to use. I really like the Grand Bois hammered fenders that BQ sells. The are similar to these but do not have the “channels”. I think they are the same ones that are mounted on the Rene Herse that Jan recently tested.

I’m still undecided on the saddle; if I should get another B17, which works pretty well for me but isn’t perfect, then there’s the new (ish) Berthoud saddle which I’ve really only heard good things about. There’s also the Selle Anatomica, which I find very intriguing, but I hear that the issue of of thigh rub that I experience to a slight degree on the B17 tends to be much worse on that saddle. I’d love to try one, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to test one out. The Brooks and Berthoud can be found from several online stores that will let you return it if you don’t like it.

11 03 2011

There are a few colours of decals. Not sure which options are on hand at any given time? Mike will accommodate you if he can. I don’t recall if you told me what colour you are painting the frame.

I like Brooks B17 saddles a lot and Selle Anatomica better. I have a new SA on the way #3 in my fleet. Selling a slightly used SA won’t be hard. I’d like to try a GB saddle at some point. I’m just waiting for an excuse to get one. =>

When do you expect your frame to arrive?

11 03 2011

how much does it weigh? I guess ……. 8.9 kg.

11 03 2011

I’m not sure what it weighs. I don’t have a scale and I haven’t weighed my other bikes so it’s not easy to compare it to something else. I also haven’t ridden it naked so it always has:

– bar bag
– pump
– 2 full water bottles
– lights
– spare tire
– spare tubes x 2
– patch kit
– tire levers
– multi tool
– iPhone
– bike computer
– money
– snacks

…..and some times spare clothes and GPS….so it’s hard to evaluate the bike’s weight. If I am in a bike shop I’ll see about getting it on a scale.

11 03 2011
Guido Van Duyn

Really nice bike Vik! Last year I purchased a Kogswell 650B bike for my first season of rando riding. I just love the low trail fork and pillowy soft ride.

Awesome blog!

13 03 2011

Cool bike. What pedal system do you use for rando riding? Cheers k

16 03 2011
monkeymartian » Blog Archive » getting closer

[…] spec so I can plan out some part purchases.  My bike build will likely look a great deal like Vik’s new Boulder all-road – good sensible […]

20 03 2011

Vik, I’m interested in the front bag setup. Do you simply install the decaleur into the stem bolt and bolt the bag to the decaleur? That is to say, is it more complicated than that? Also, I notice that Berthoud offers two lengths of decaleur. Are you using the standard length, or the longer offering?



20 03 2011

@John – I didn’t install the decaleur to the bag or to the stem. Rene Herse did that. I also asked them to select sizes that would work with my bike so all I had to do was put the bag on the Nitto rack and slide the decaleur QR skewer into place.

If you buy your GB bag/decaleur through Rene Herse they work with you to ensure you get the correct parts.

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