Crud Road Racer Fenders…

10 03 2011

Full coverage fenders for road bikes...

I saw these full coverage plastic fenders on a road bike at Russ Hayes Bikes recently.  If you want to ride regularly here in the winter you need fenders and to ride in a group you need full coverage fenders.  That can be quite a challenge on most road bikes given their minimal clearance for even 23mm tires let alone adding a fender to the mix.  The SKS Race Blades have been around for a while, but they are fairly useless…better than nothing, but not by much.

I haven’t tried these fenders so I can’t say how well they work, but given the limited options for wet weather road bikers beggars can’t be choosers!

Looks like a clever design...

If you have a set of these I’d love to know how they are working for you.



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10 03 2011

G’day vic

I have a set and have fitted them bit havn’t had a chance to ride them in the rain yet.

They feel realy flimsy and are a little fiddley to mount but once they are on they are ok. i’d love to say more but i’ve realy just fitted them

10 03 2011

I had the Crud Road-Racer 1’s, quite good but not enough length for regular wet weather riding. Recently i changed them for the RR2’s and they are great!

Fitting is fairly simple ( couple of zip-tie’s and o-rings) ti fit, look good and the protection the afford is almost as good as full-sks’s. They might not be to some peoples taste tho for the following reason… they do rub. Due to the lightweight design they are not completely rigid and use special ‘brushes’ on the inside of the stays (which run on the brake surface) to help keep them central and off the tyre when on bumpy roads. But honestly the noise minimal and you can only just hear it if your going very slow, there is no drag from this.

The fit is very dependant on your bike of course, some frames have too little clearance and i cant run anything other than 23mm tyres when i have these guards fitted (can JUST squeese 25mm in normally). Also, they wont fit your cross bike or tourer as they are designed for 25mm tyres max.

Overall im very happy with mine…

Check out the video’s from the designer on Youtube!

10 03 2011

I tried using them on a early 90’s Miyata 916 with 23mm tires. In the wet there was a constant rubbing noise that drove me nuts. They did work fairly well but the noise drove me to take them off and chuck em in the bin.

12 03 2011

I have a set of the MK2 fenders & like them a lot. They actually fit on my road bike which has tight geometry & minimal clearance. Used them quite a bit already in the rainy Seattle area. Do be careful to check after every few rides that the plastic nuts are still tight otherwise you will loose a part of your fender & spare parts don’t seem to be readily available (shopping at REI rules though!) The MK2s have increased coverage compared to the originals. No complaints from people riding behind me about spray. I like the extra coverage on the derailleur side to help keep your drivetrain a little dryer cleaner. Would buy again & might do so for a different bike that is normally my fair weather ride.

26 03 2011
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28 03 2011
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