Seating Hetres 42mm-650B Tires…

9 03 2011

Hertres on my Boulder Bicycle Allroad...

Getting the Grand Bois Hertres 650b tires on my bike’s Velocity Synergy rims was no problem by hand.  Later when I tried to seat them so they were even on the rim there was nothing I could do by hand to solve the problem.  If I pulled out one low spot another would form – yikes!  It was a bit maddening.  Then I remembered to ask Google who reminded me to ask Sheldon Brown what to do!

“In some cases it may be beneficial to lubricate the side of the tire. This can be done with soapy water, but I usually use spray window cleaner for this, because it doesn’t leave a soapy residue on the braking surface of the rim.” – Sheldon Brown

I followed Sheldon’s advice…sprayed windex around the beads and inflated to 80psi. Bead settled in pretty well – not perfectly, but 1000% better than my initial efforts. I’ll left ’em at 80psi overnight and then set to my riding pressure 50 & 40psi. Thanks Sheldon!

I hope a bit of riding will stretch these tires enough that any roadside flat fixing isn’t a PITA.



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9 03 2011
John Speare

In my experience, after riding them for a few hundred miles everything sort of settles in. Of course, I have full fenders too and rack/bag on the front to hide any obvious wobble — so I have to work hard to obsess on lumps. But I do mind the distance b/t the sidewalls and the rim as I seat the tire.

9 03 2011

I’m planning on running the same rims & tires on my upcoming Rawland rSogn build. Thanks for the tip!

9 03 2011

@Andrew – you’ll love the Hetres. BTW – for the ultimate in geekiness they now come in black, white or red tread…=-) Send me some pics of your build when its’ done…=-)

9 03 2011
Charlie NC

Thanks for the tire tip…

9 03 2011

Don’t use Windex! The ammonia reacts with metal including stained glass windows. Use non-ammonia glass cleaner.

9 03 2011
Alexander Hender

My advice is to over inflate the tyres (100 PSI). You’ll here them ‘pop’ into place and the release some air to bring them down to a normal pressure. I doubt that any modern rim and tyre would experience problems at this pressure but definitely worth using a heavier tube.

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