You don’t agree with me? WTF!

5 03 2011


I call it like I see it. I’m not silly enough to think I always get it right nor does everything that works for me work equally well for everyone else out there. My goal isn’t to get you to do what I do or to agree with me 100%. My goal is to put some attention on stuff I feel is worth thinking about. If you come to a different conclusion than I do no worries that’s cool.

Feel free to leave me a comment either way. I like reading what you have to say and I read every single comment and think about. Sometimes I change my mind. Sometimes I don’t. No matter what I feel that exchanging ideas and perspectives is a good thing.

I won’t edit or delete any comments made on this blog unless you are attacking someone personally or being a jerk. Just because you don’t agree with me isn’t cause for moderation. So no matter what’s on your mind let me know.

There are no advertisers on this blog, I don’t sell anything. My reviews aren’t all positive and I’m not afraid to say something is poorly made. I’m not afraid you are going to make some company mad and they won’t give me $$$. So you can express your opinion and so can I.



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5 03 2011
Ty Smith

Well, I don’t agree that it is ok for us not to agree with everying you say?

We are all individuals, thus we need to be told exactly what to think and say!

So there! 😉

All kidding aside, you are doing a great job! Keep it up!


5 03 2011
Val Garou

I just want people to know Vik speaks the truth. I think I’m mostly here disagreeing and prodding, and I’ve never failed to get a welcoming and well-reasoned response. You can’t beat this blog for hands-on reviews.

5 03 2011
Val Garou

or Vik for a classy guy, I should have added.

6 03 2011

That’s what I’ve always appreciated about you Vik. On the blog, in person. Doesn’t matter. We have opinions, each their own, and respect is shown. We need more people that can act this way.


8 03 2011

I discovered your blog when doing research on Bike Friday tikits and have been addicted ever since: to my new power raspberry tikit as well as this blog. Please do carry on!

8 03 2011

@Zoe – bienvenue! My new Bike Friday is also power raspberry – lovely colour….=-) Enjoy your new Tikit.

bf tandem 1
25 03 2011
The Plural of Anecdote… : Kent Rebutts Vik : Beezodog's Place

[…] Vik has to say but he’s a thoughtful guy and he’s very open to the possibility that not everyone will agree with him100% of the time on 100% of what he […]

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