2011 Brevet Schedule…

4 03 2011

BC Rando Club Jersey...

Here is my tentative brevet schedule for 2011:

  • 27 March – 100K Victoria Populaire
  • 2 April – Victoria 200K
  • 9 April – Tour of the Cowichan Valley 200K
  • 23 April – Hills are Alive 300K
  • 14 May – Highway to Hell 400K
  • 25 June – Nanimo Populaire 100K
  • 11 Sept – Fall Isle-Lander 200K

All these rides are on Vancouver Island with the BC Ranndoneurs.

If you are a hardcore randonneur you may be wondering where the rest of my list is? Well I’m weak and lazy so this is all there is! If things go well I may add a 600K next year, a 1000K the year after, a 1200k the year after that culminating in PBP 2015. Talk about a long range plan!

Ultimately my goal is to have fun on my bike. I’m not going to set speed or distance records in the rando world so I may as well just have a good time…=-)



8 responses

4 03 2011
Micheal Blue

Vik, that list is good enough. What’s the point of super-long distances (in my speak over 200 K)? Just to say “I did it”? How can anyone enjoy sitting on a bike for hours and hours juicing his/her body to the max? PBP is for ego maniacs :-).

4 03 2011
Leaf Slayer

Michael, I’ve done mutltiple brevet series and it’s very enjoyable. Of course there are low moments but overall long brevets can be quite enjoyable. To say that PBP is for ego maniacs is incorrect. If it’s not your thing, fine, but no reason to get defensive and just write off events like PBP as being fueled solely by ego.


4 03 2011
Val Garou

Vik–seems plenty ambitious to me. Doing a full series after several years away seems like asking for trouble to me, but I’ve never done one, so what do I know?

I just recently moved up to Canada from Arizona. I find the way the weather her forces the distances to ramp up so quickly kind of daunting.

4 03 2011
David Parsons

I’ll second that PBP (and the other rando death marches) are /not/ just for egomaniacs. It’s really nice to go out for a long day (or so) on a bicycle, including the parts where you’re groping through the midnight gloom from town to town.

I could see being taken aback by the hideously huge crowds at or the amount of money you’d need to spend to get to PBP, but the physical puzzle of doing a 1200km loop under a deadline seems like an extraordinarily pleasant (if somewhat deranged 🙂 way to spend a long weekend.

4 03 2011

It looks like a fine schedule, Vik, don’t let the nay-sayers dissuade you. You might want to allow yourself to be a little bit flexible with the schedule, though, depending on how you feel on earlier rides. For example, after your first 200 on April 2, riding another one a week later might be the last thing you feel like doing. There’s also a chance that May 14 will be too soon to ramp up to a 400, but don’t worry, there’s another on July 16 — or you can come to the lower mainland on August 6.

4 03 2011

@Val – the long winters are definitely a problem which is why I held off of riding brevets until I moved to Victoria.

@Ben – I won’t tackle a ride I feel poorly prepared for. I have a bunch of kite surfing I want to do in the summer so I’d like to get my LD rides over with by the end of June.

7 03 2011

Doing my first SR series this year (200k this month, 300k in April, 600k in June, 400k in July), but Iḿ aiming for London-Edinburgh-London in 2013, rather than PBP. Only done 2x200k and a 300k so far, Iḿ expecting to suffer a bit on the 600k.

21 05 2011
The remains of the rando year? « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] Back at the start of March I plotted out a brevet schedule for 2011. So far I’m mostly on track except that I replaced one 300K with a different one and I missed the Highway to Hell 400K. My goal for this year was to ride a 200K, 300K & 400K on my new upright rando bike. Keeping in mind all my previous brevets were on a recumbent so even a 200K is new territory on DF [diamond frame]. I’m pretty happy with how things are going so far. I’m comfortable on my bike. I’m navigating the courses well enough. My equipment is reliable and performing well. My fitness sucks, but I know what the solution to that problem is even if I don’t want to utter the “T” word at the moment. […]

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