Blinged out Bike Friday on EBay…

2 03 2011

Bike Friday Rohloff goodness...

Frank over at Bike Forums turned me onto this sweet Bike Friday Pocket Llama with Rohloff, disc brakes, suspension seatpost and quick-fold stem.  It’s for sale on Ebay so someone could pick it up for a steal.



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2 03 2011
Val Garou

“This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.”


2 03 2011

no kidding, bet the buyer read it here first though.

2 03 2011

Schmidt front hub too

2 03 2011

Wow – was there a buy it now button on that auction?…I didn’t know you could just end an auction at will.

2 03 2011

I’ve got zero bike$$$ to spend or I could have stripped the goodies off that for my NWT and sold the PL again afterwards! So many bikes…so little time….*sigh*.

2 03 2011

yep, that is one sweet ride.
i sent the listing to my wife and asked her to buy it for me.
wait a sec, maybe SHE DID and that’s why the listing is gone!
only in my dreams….

26 03 2011

Bwahahaha, It was me.. I emailed using one of the many sales promotional
ones I got this fortnight from Hanna, and Walter called me back, promptly.

30 12 2016

Update, Now , Changed to ITM Trekking bars added Mudguards front rack, Head and Taillight, wired to the dynohub.
They never ship with pedals and saddle , so I picked my own.

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