PNW Rando Clothing…

1 03 2011

Spring PNW rando clothing...

With brevet season around the corner it was time to dig through my cycling clothing to figure out what to wear on the SIR 100K and by extension the rest of the spring.  Typically I don’t wear bike specific clothing when riding. It’s just not necessary nor very practical for most of what I do.  However, when the task at hand is to ride for hours on end at an efficient pace through whatever weather presents itself cycling specific clothing once again makes sense to me.

The good news is I have a decent stash of the stuff and since I don’t wear it it’s all in good shape.  So I sorted through my gear to come up with something light, compact, all weather and would not make me look like a total fool.

Looks like cool temps for sure and 50/50 on the liquid sunshine...

My rando clothing list from top to bottom:

  • Bern helmet [warm and has visor for rain]
  • Nike running ear warmer head band
  • Buff cycling neck warmer with reflective stripe
  • MEC heavy weight wool jersey [if it looks colder]
  • MEC lightweight wool zip LS neck with synthetic SS rando jersey on top [if it’s on the less cold side]
  • REI Vertia rain jacket [packed unless it’s raining or uber cold]
  • MEC rain over-gloves [packed unless it’s raining or uber cold]
  • mid-weight fleece gloves
  • Ibex wool tights
  • Rain Legs [packed unless it’s raining or uber cold]
  • mid-weight wool socks
  • Specialized SPD MTB shoes [arrrgghh clipping in again!]
  • MEC waterproof shoe covers [packed unless it’s raining or uber cold]

Warmer weather gear and night safety gear...

Other gear for later in season on warmer rides and night rides:

  • reflective sash
  • reflective ankle bands
  • unpadded bike shorts
  • wool arm & leg warmers

Since my longest ride planned this year is a 400K I expect this same load of clothing should get me through the rest of the spring rando season.  I’ll have to recalibrate in June when it gets warmer and drier on Vancouver Island.



6 responses

1 03 2011

Looks good. Spare socks?

1 03 2011

None for the 100K – probably none for a 200K, but maybe after that a spare pair would be nice.

1 03 2011
Val Garou

Helmet cover?

And I forget, have you shown us how you carry the packed gear on your ride?

1 03 2011

@Val…I don’t like helmet covers. The Bern has relatively small holes in it so I won’t get uber wet. I have a windstopper beanie I’d use under the helmet if it was really wet/cold.

And to be clear if a brevet is scheduled with a forecast for monsoon rain I’ll go surfing that day!

My gear on a brevet will either be in a handlebar bag, worn or jersey pockets. I’ll have some posts coming up on my rando rig and how it’s set up.

1 03 2011

Maybe a dumm question? But could you explain me the ‘rando’ concept..

I mean, a 400 k rando.. is that a multiple day tour? I can’t get really clear what it is..


1 03 2011

@Gerco – ya it’s confusing if you don’t already know what it means:

Basically a randonneur [or rando] is a rider who participates in long distance mass start non-competitive timed events. The events are called brevets, but sometimes people incorrectly refer to them as randos.

A 400K brevet has a minimum time of 12hrs and a maximum time of 27hrs allowed to complete it. The route is pre-selected and there are checkpoints along the way you have to sign in to.

The most famous randonneur event is Paris Brest Paris which is a 1200km brevet in France:

You can see from the time allowed that you don’t have to be a speed demon to complete a brevet successfully. You do need a comfortable, efficient bike and have a few Kms in the legs for conditioning.

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