Fenders for love…

28 02 2011

These were my LHT's fenders....*sigh*...

I got Sharon’s belated Christmas Surly Cross Check commuter bike built up finally.  The only thing missing was fenders.  She had decided on hammered metal fenders from Velo Orange, but they would take a few weeks to come in at our LBS.  Since she is a daily commuter she needs fenders.  I realized the VO fenders I had bought for my Long Haul Trucker were the same size we needed for her CC [700c x 45mm] since she has 32mm Grand Bois Cypres tires on her rims.  My LHT has SKS fenders that work fine on it I gave up my VO fenders for the cause and will just wait until the ones we ordered come in.

The sacrifices I make for love…*sigh*…=-)~



3 responses

28 02 2011

Thats one nice looking check!

28 02 2011

Is she coming down to Seattle this weekend too?

1 03 2011

@Brad – no her mother is in town from the UK. She has no desire to ride a soggy 100k at this point either!

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