Bike Friday New World Tourist Select

27 02 2011

A sweet looking Bike Friday NWT...

Bike Friday will be offering a line up of their core bikes in a special specification which, if my memory serves me, is going to be called Select – as in Bike Friday NWT Select.  These bikes will feature a number of colour and contrasting cable/rack choices to make them look sweet.  This bike doesn’t have the exact build being offered….I’ll post it when I have it, but it does give you a feel for where they are headed.  These bikes will be available from Bike Friday dealers for sure and I’m assuming direct from Bike Friday.

One thing for sure is that the contrasting rack/cable colour is very eye catching….I love it…=-)

I'm starting to get a jones for H-bars...

Contrasting racks and cables look hot...

and contrasting decals...

Wide range gearing for touring or grocery hauling...

Dual water bottles on main frame + one on seat mast = 3...

and even red panniers...=-)

One final glamour shot...



4 responses

27 02 2011

No doubt the contrasting colors look nice, but I am holding out for a NWT Alfine 11 with a gates belt drive. Are you going to be doing a review of the Alfine 11 belt drive tickit sometime soon? Also what is the bag on the rear rack. I have not seen that before. Thanks all info.

27 02 2011

@Jay – that bag is a new BF product…takes advantage of free space under the rack for whatever you want to carry – tool, tube, pump, etc…

I’d love to test a carbon belt Tikit…whether or not that will happen any time soon I’m not sure. I certainly wouldn’t say no…=-)

28 02 2011

I just received my Alfine 11 Seasons Tikit (no carbon belt though) on Friday the 25th. The Alfine 11 is VERY nice. It shifts very smoothly and provides all the gear inches I need for the short errands I plan to use the bike for.

I’ve added a Brooks saddle, Ergon GP1 bargrips (took the bell off to install), two Cateye Opticube headlights and a Topeak Roadmorph pump.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Tikit. One question for you Vik – how do the fenders fit with the folding rear rack. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of space between the tire and rack when the rear rack is folded down.


28 02 2011

@Matt – congrats what colour did you get?

My Tikit has the folding rack removed as I got it painted and will be getting a PR front rack from CETMA shortly. So I can’t look at it and answer your question however I do have some photos on Flickr:


and I don’t recall any clearance issues with the rear fender. However, the folding rack I have was a prototype so it may not be 100% the same as the production racks.

I would take a few photos and email them to BF with your question. They are very helpful.

Enjoy your new ride!

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