Bicycle Karma…

25 02 2011

Photo: Axel Buhrmann from Flickr...

This great story was posted to the Randon Group recently by H.R. and shows how being a bike angel can pay off in unexpected ways…

“In 1996 at age 40 and weighing 487 pounds I had a heart attack. They wanted to do quadruple by-pass the next morning. Having also smoked for 25 years I knew I could not survive it. I opted not to have the surgery. To make a long story short – I stopped smoking that day completely and with the help of my bicycle – I lost 250 pounds over the next 18 months. I ran a couple marathons. I was released by my cardiologist 3 years after the attack. But I kept riding my bike.

On one group ride, the Cross Florida ride I ended up pulling a large group for miles.  I even had one rider come up to me near the end, after about 175 miles that day and ask me “do you take American Express” I always enjoyed pulling because I knew the benefits I was getting personally.

Again long story short. I ended up having a bout with lung cancer 10 years later.  Again I beat it – thank God.  But I stopped riding for a couple years with the distraction of the treatments.

Recently I decided to get back on my bike.  I worked myself up to thinking I was ready again for a century ride. I found one and registered. The day of the ride I did struggle after about 50 Miles. While at a sag stop, I was literally trying to decide whether to finish or not.  A rider came up to me and said “hey not sure if you remember me but you have pulled me 200 miles across the state of florida into that relentless head wind a couple of times a few years ago.”  It was Mr. American Express!  I told him how I was feeling that day and he said “if you want to ride on my wheel to the finish I will consider it an honor!” I did and I finished that ride.

It might not be today or this particular ride but someday you might need a bit of help. I consider cyclist a big family and just cannot understand the mentality of “get out of my space” between each other. Even from our selfish little brothers and sisters.

As my father would say. “Just play nice you all!””



3 responses

25 02 2011

Most excellent.

25 02 2011
Dr Jim

Thanks for posting this Vik. It just doesn’t get any better that this! WOW!

26 02 2011

Excellent post. As others have said…

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