Bicycle Safety!

24 02 2011

A chuckle found on BROL...



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26 02 2011


9 03 2011

Thats a great cartoon and one that displays the hard-line view re cycling helmets being a complete waste of time.

If you get slammed by a car then I agree

But most cyclists dont get slammed – they get nudged, bumped and knocked off their bikes, usually landing on their heads.

Skulls dont bounce off tarmac too well!!!

9 03 2011

I don’t think the cartoon says helmets are a waste of time. I think it makes fun of our obsession with bike helmets as the embodiment of bicycle safety. I’d put helmets towards the bottom of a top 10 list on bicycle safety, but for a lot of people helmets would #1 – through 5 with lights at #6 and helmets at #7 – 10!

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