Velo Orange Hammered Fenders…

23 02 2011

VO fender review - click this image to read...

I got a set of these VO metal fenders for my Surly LHT.  The price was right and they look good with excellent coverage.  I’m just waiting on a sunny warm day to spend installing them…=-)

My LHT deserves a bit of bling...



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23 02 2011

For the readers in Calgary, we stock these fenders, in case anyone is wondering where to find them.


23 02 2011

Do you have any hammered 700 x 40 or 45mm?

23 02 2011

I wonder if they could be made to work with disc brakes. I fear the struts would be blocked en-route …

23 02 2011

@Snoogly – the bike pictured has disc brakes.

23 02 2011

Installing those fenders is harder than you might imagine. They’re not as easy to strap on to your ride as the el-cheapo fenders that convinced me I should embark on my disastrous effort to install my own VO fenders.

Look up instructions before you start. I think Bicycle Quarterly had fender installation instructions in a recent issue. Note that VO fenders come pre-drilled with holes and attach to the fender stay with only one eyelet bolt, not two like Honjos.

23 02 2011

@Ben – these will be my 3rd set of metal fenders I install. They’ve been harder than plastic to setup, but not awfully hard. My installs haven’t been up to BQ standards, but they’ve held up fine.

24 02 2011

Vik –

We stock the 37mm and 45mm hammered V/O’s.

Other V/O products we stock include selections of their stems, handlebars, handlebar bags, saddles, toestraps, light brackets, BB’s, HS’s, and front wheel stabilizers.

27 02 2011
doug in seattle

That BQ article is the Cosmopolitan of bicycle fender installation. Made me feel inadequate in every way! Seriously though, the VO fenders aren’t that hard if you have a bike intended for fenders and at least a bit of aptitude and an attitude that does not expect perfection.

28 02 2011
Fenders for love… « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] Check commuter bike built up finally.  The only thing missing was fenders.  She had decided on hammered metal fenders from Velo Orange, but they would take a few weeks to come in at our LBS.  Since she is a daily commuter she needs […]

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