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22 02 2011

My Bike Friday NWT ready to roll...

Coming back to Canada from Mexico I was stoked to have so many choices of bikes to ride.  Sharon and I had a number of errands to do in town so naturally we decided to ride our bikes.  I rode my Bike Friday New World Tourist.  With a fleet of awesome bikes why ride the NWT?

  • the small size was easiest to wrangle out of the packed garage
  • the NWT is a nimble bike ideal for city riding
  • the Nexus 8 IGH meant that I knew shifting would work without any fuss
  • the NWT fits me great and is very comfortable
  • it has dual racks so carrying stuff is a no brainer
  • the flat BMX pedals are street shoe friendly
  • fenders provide protection from road spray should it rain
  • dyno headlight provides 24/7 lighting without fussing with batteries
  • battery taillight doesn’t need attention often
  • rear view mirror makes mixing it up with downtown traffic easier
  • supple 40mm tires make the ride fast and comfortable
  • v-brakes with salmon Koolstop pads provide reliable all weather braking
  • small bell is nice for politely getting people’s attention on the MUP

Some of these things are specific to a high quality folding bike like the NWT, but a lot of them are additions/upgrades you can make to any bike to make it more practical.



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23 02 2011
Micheal Blue

Vik, how’s folding of this NWT bike? Would it be a pain as a daily commuter? Thanks.

23 02 2011

The version I have is not a fast fold bike. About the same as a Dahon, but the folded package doesn’t carry as well as a Dahon. You can get the same bike with a fast fold stem that makes it much better for commuting.

The big advantage to the NWT is it’s stiff and can be sized like a full size bike for the perfect fit.

11 02 2012

What r your thoughts between the Llama and the NWT Bike Fridays. I am getting ready to order one and stuck in the middle of which one for certain. And then of course there is the issue of the color. Candy Apple Red strikes me nice with black bags and I like the white. Too many choices. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks,David

11 02 2012

@David – the PL & NWT are pretty similar. You really can’t go wrong with either one. The NWT has a lower BB. The PL has a disc brake option these days I believe. I’ve been very happy with my NWT and would buy another without hesitation.

I would chat with Bike Friday about your needs and go with whichever they suggest.

Here is a photo with a red and a white BF to give you a side by side comparison on the colours.

15 10 2012

I have been trying different options for chain tensioners for my NWT inter-8 and I stumbled upon your setup.

How did you manage to position the actuation cable guide for the inter-8 to the position it is in? I find that the cable guide is directly in the way of the surley tensioning pulley when in push up mode. The cable guide can be moved, however, doing so brings the tabbed locking washers out of position in the dropout.

Thanks for the blog, great content here.


15 10 2012

@Derek – sorry I sold that bike so I don’t have it in front of me to examine. I do have a bunch or detailed photos in Flickr at this link:

nwtup 1

As I recall the only issue was that I needed to use a larger cog on the Nexus 8 so Surly tensioner didn’t touch the chainstay.

Thing is Bike Friday constantly tweaks their bikes so it’s possible your NWT isn’t the same as my old NWT.

15 10 2012

Those images are perfect. It looks like a blue anti-rotation washer in the dropout, which would move the cassette joint to the right spot.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

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