3 Speed One Way Tikit…

22 02 2011

Want a Bike Friday Tikit that's fixed gear, but have some hills to contend with?

Wished you didn't have to choose?

With the new Sturmey Archer 3 speed fixed IGH you don't have to...

I've tried it and it works like a charm...

With these dropouts you can run a regular IGH or add a derailleur later...

Bike Friday being seductive....lol...=-)

These H-bars could be a future upgrade for my Tikit...

I like all the hand positions...



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22 02 2011

thats pretty hot. would have loved to have a wheel like that on my crosscheck that i used for dirt / town / road / and some trail.

22 02 2011

I’m impressed with the dropout attachment on this and other tikits (though sadly, it didn’t make it to my bike). It gives the rider a lot of drivetrain possibilities–without resorting to an eccentric hub or BB–as well as the chance to swap out a damaged dropout. A very simple, very elegant design for any kind of bicycle, let alone a folder.

Wish I’d had it back in ’89 on my Burley Duet tandem. (One of the reasons I sold the bike was because of the dropouts; the derailleur attachment was especially flexible.) Because of the Scholz connection, the Burley even had the same continuous seatstay/chainstay design.

22 02 2011

@16″WoP – the modulart dropouts are sweet. They are not included on stock Tikits so the cost can be kept down. You get them by custom order or by buying one of the higher end Tikits [Season Tikit, One Way Tikit, etc…].

22 02 2011
Please remain pedaling at all times… | 16incheswestofpeoria

[…] The Lazy Radonneur, a great page for insights into the Bike Friday tikit, New World Tourist and other active sports, just posted very sharp pictures of a three-speed, fixed-gear tikit. […]

22 02 2011

Nice! Let us know how that 3-speed fixed S-A hub works out. I’ve heard a few conflicting things about it.

22 02 2011

@Adventure – I don’t own that bike so I can’t give you any further feedback. I’ve tried it and it works. Not all fixie riders want or need any gearing options so it won’t appeal to a lot of people and there is some slight play when you play pedal before it engages.

22 02 2011


I have what may be the first production 3way Tikit sold (drop bars rather than hbars). Haven’t put a lot of miles on it, but will be using it this spring for work commuting. Up till now most of my commuting has been ss freewheel. Fixed is different but cool… Still trying to figure foot retention that I like…

I may be able to address the ‘conflicting’ things you’ve heard.

23 02 2011

Neat bike! The only thing I don’t love here is the mismatched hub and rim hole count. While 36 spokes is certainly overkill for such a small wheel, there are a lot of 36 hole rims out there courtesy of the BMX market. I find lighter gauge spokes preferable to skipping holes in a hub.

23 02 2011

sorry for my english 😉
I’m in love with your blog.
i started writting a blog about urban bike in spain.
could put a hyperlink to your blog?


23 02 2011

@Antonio – I’ll be happy to put a link to your blog on mine, but let’s wait a bit until you’ve written a dozen posts or so.

3 03 2011

What are those barends?

3 03 2011
3 03 2011

You sure those barends in the pic are the same as the one’s you linked? The ones in the picture have a shifter attached and I dont think the ones linked are made with tubing to make the install possible.

3 03 2011
5 03 2011

I like H bars as well. This is the way that my folder is set up.

it’s a cut down straight bar with custom bar ends for the brake levers and bar end shifter. If I had to do it over again, I would probably just buy the BF unit, or perhaps the STI bar that has the curved ends (either setup would be lighter than what I have). My hands and wrists are happiest riding on the hoods of a drop bar, and the H bar is a very close approximation. If I ever get a Tikit, I’m definitely going to set it up this way as well.

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