Planet Bike Turbo…

20 02 2011

Photo: EcoVelo

Eco Velo posted a review of the new Planet Bike Turbo Superflash 1W taillight recently [EcoVelo’s photo above].  Kent P also reviewed it on his blog.  Jun did a test of Radbot and 0.5 Superflash run times on his blog that Kent P. confirmed.

I’ve been posting a bunch of articles about how bright bike lights may actually be a problem – a topic I’ve thought about over my time in Baja and have some addition posts in the pipe about this when I get motivated to spew some more about bike lighting.

I haven’t seen the new PB Turbo in the flesh.  I don’t get advanced copies to test sadly…=-(

I’m interested to see if the slower flash mode is less blinding than the current model’s seizure inducing strobe.  The Radbot 1000’s slower flash is actually fairly reasonable for a flashing ultra bright bike LED.

I’ve got more than enough taillights in the fleet at the moment so I won’t be getting a Turbo anytime soon.  I don’t really see a need for a brighter taillight than the Superflash, but if the Turbo’s slower flash mode is easier on the eyes I may end up recommending it over the current Superflash for that reason alone.

Planet Bike Blinky 7...

Ironically as the ultra bright LED bike light wars continues to escalate I’ll be using a single old skool 7 LED Planet Bike light on the back of my rando rig this year.  Kind of funny that my most demanding night riding will be using the oldest least bright bike light technology I own.  I’m glad PB still makes them and I may stock up on a couple more just in case they stop selling them.

I’m interested in testing the runtimes of this light to see how it stacks up against the brighter lights that Jun & Kent P. have tested.  My hope is I get much longer runtimes due to the lower power draw and that allows me to get through my longer events without messing with battery swaps.



5 responses

20 02 2011

Hey Vik,

Have you heard of these? I wonder how they compare to having a Dinotte 140l on a bike/trike. 🙂

20 02 2011

I feel the same way! I think there needs to be a balance
between being seen and blinding other folks. Nothing worse than
riding (or driving) behind someone with a wildly flashing tail
light. I think moderate lighting and extreme relflective striping
is a nice combo.

20 02 2011

Reflective material is a great low cost battery free
visibility option to add to some bike lights.

20 02 2011

@BB999 – I’ve never seen them. They look like they’d work if you don’t mind attaching them to your bag or self.

21 02 2011

Hey Vik,

Ever looked into this for an option in bike illumination??

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