Got a 20″ Woody?

19 02 2011

I like red, but I LOVE these wood fenders!...

Curved for proper coverage and beautiful...

Really beautiful - great product Bike Friday...

Mounting hardware was stiff and New World Tourist is jealous!


If I owned only 1 or 2 bikes I'd get a set for sure...

I need to spread the bling over my whole fleet so these fenders must wait...

But you know I'm dreaming of them...=-)



10 responses

19 02 2011


Are those Woody’s fenders? I remember seeing he was making compound curves at 26″ but hadn’t seen 20″ yet…

19 02 2011

I didn’t ask who made them. I’ll ask next time I chat with BF. They are very sweet….the curves seal the deal for me. I was never super interested in flat wood fenders.

19 02 2011
Doug D

Are they wide enough to provide coverage on the front of your CETMA?

19 02 2011

@Doug – no and far too pricey for that application!

19 02 2011
Steve Jones

Very classy for an about town ride! More ‘cool’ than a beach cruiser!

19 02 2011

WOW Vik! Thanks for posting this. Those look great. Wondering if they make them to fit Catrike wheels? In a darker stain and I would be all over those in a heart beat. They have just shipped out my new 2011 Catrike Expedition R. Will post pics when I get it ready for the media release 🙂

19 02 2011

Talk to Bike Friday. I don’t know their source, but if they can help you they will.

I’m stoked to see pics and hear how she rides…=-)

20 02 2011

Hey Jason,

What colour is your Expedition? And how much darker would you like the fenders to be? I don’t think they would look as good on a Catrike as they do on the BF. How about this instead. 🙂

24 02 2011

Uh Oh. Now I need a set for my Bike Friday “Sat R Day”. Yup.

26 02 2011

Great pics, Vik. I drool every time I see great wood fenders. Really wanting to put them on my trike, but other tings have come first. Maybe next year.

I must say the BF folders are sweet looking and I bet nice riding bikes. I recently purchased a Dahon folder and had looked at the BF’s, but I’m afraid my budget wouldn’t allow it. Love my Dahon, though.

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