Flower Power!

19 02 2011

Belated Valentine's Day flowers...

I was traveling over Valentine’s Day this week so I grabbed some flowers for Sharon and steaks for the BBQ.  Sharon just got herself a set of Ortlieb front panniers and I was happy to demonstrate how they can carry all manner or cargo.  Now that we are home from our folding bike errand ramble it’s time to fire up the grill!…=-)



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20 02 2011

Is that a Bike Friday NWT? What are the fenders on that bicycle? I have a BF Crusoe and I bought the fenders from BF, which are very floppy particularly in the rear wheel. Furthermore, the bicycle is difficult to fold when the fenders are on? Would it be easier to fold the bicycle with these fenders if they fit?

20 02 2011

@Philip – the white bike is a NWT with BF fenders. It’s easy to fold, but the fenders are not uber rigid. You can use 20″ Planet Bike plastic fenders on a NWT. They will be more rigid, and I don’t think they’ll affect the fold, but you’d have to ask BF to be certain.

20 02 2011
doug d

I had to put my valentines flowers for Tania in an insulated box (coleman cooler). If you were still in Cowtown you might have wanted one of your cargo bikes.

21 02 2011
Rob E.

I was dropping some flowers into my pannier a couple of years ago and a woman in the parking lot told me that was the sweetest thing she’d ever seen. Or words to that effect. I don’t know why flower shopping by bicycle should be sweeter than any other method, but I still agree that it is.

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