My new favourite Bike Friday Tikit colour…

18 02 2011

Yellow Bike Friday Season Tikit seen during my recent visit...

Of all the Bike Fridays in the showroom this colour jumped out by a mile...

It looks much nicer in person - the day was dreary when I took these photos...

Shimano Nexus 8 IGH - nice fit for the Tikit...

Fenders, v-brakes and an kind of bike...=-)

Ring guard and metal folding pedals...

The view from the rubber side of the beast...

Up high at the control end of things...lovely...=-)



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18 02 2011
Rob R.

Just ordered my Tikit. 🙂 One-way, fixed, green. I cited your blog as my referral to BF and it turns out you were there while I was on the phone. Walter and I had a good laugh about that.

Thanks for all of the great info about these bikes. I can’t wait.


18 02 2011

@Rob – sweet…British Racing Green or Green Gear Green? Walter’s a great guy. He’ll get you sorted properly. Enjoy the new Tikit and send me some photos when you get her.

18 02 2011

I have a yellow one. Yellow really defines the shape of the frame.
I think its the contrast between the black wheels/mudguards/seat/grips/racks and all that yellow is what does it.
(Although if you accessorize your clothing you kind of end up looking like a giant banana. Hmmm.)

19 02 2011

@Vik – it’ll be their stock green, not sure if that matches one of the two you mentioned. I’ll certainly send pics along. Walter was great to deal with. Per our conversation, I need to track down Virgil’s Root Beer. They’re not just bike experts!

21 02 2011
Micheal Blue

Vik, that’s a smashingly beautiful machine. At the same time the red handle is sacrilege. Blue would look much better. You know, I wonder if a Tikit would be a practical machine for my Toronto rides. There are so many cracks and holes in the pavement, even on the bike path, and my 20″-wheel Dahon gets jumpy.
I can only imagine that 4″-smaller wheels would require delicate riding.
I know you’ve shown riding your Tikit on a boardwalk, but that’s different from potholes and cracks that sometimes redirect small wheels.

21 02 2011

@MB – what tires are you running on your Dahon? My secret weapon is Greenspeed Scorchers at moderate pressure. Urbane Cycles had some Tikits last time I was there that you can test ride, but the stock Marathons don’t provide a cushy ride.

21 02 2011
Micheal Blue

Vik, I run Marathon now, before Marathon Plus, and before Marathon Racer. I’m not sure this issue is tire related, though. I would think it’s a simple physics of the small wheels – they can’t roll over the cracks and potholes as easily. My Trek 7300 bike with 700 wheels doesn’t have this issue and it uses Marathon Plus. But I can uderstand that in places that don’t deal with snow much Tikit can be great. No snow and ice = very few potholes and cracks. Victoria probably has trails as smooth as silk, eh?
BTW, may I ask you – do you think that Trek 7300 would be OK for light(er) touring (pulling a trailer)? Or would you dare to tour on a Dahon? Thanks.

21 02 2011

@MB – while wheel size definitely matters – tire width, inflation pressure and how supple the tire casing is matters even more. I’ve ridden across chip seal on my 700c road bike and felt vibrated to death while 40mm tires on my Tikit cruised across the same pavement like glass.

I would tour with the 7300 and a trailer before I would tour on the Dahon, but the Dahon can be made to tour with the right gearing….is your Dahon a 7/8 speed?

22 02 2011
Michael Blue

Vik, thanks for the answers. The Dahon has 24 speeds (Mu P24). My main concern for touring with one of these bikes is the quality of the components and, especially, the strength of the wheels. The big 700 wheels have “only” 32 spokes.

22 02 2011
Micheal Blue

Vik, thanks for the answers. The Dahon is a 24 speed (Mu P24). My concern is the quality of the components and the strength of the wheels (the Trek has 32-spoke wheels).

22 02 2011

@MB – well given your Dahon has wide gearing and small wheels I’d take back what I said earlier and if it fits you well no reason not to tour on it. I run 32H 700c wheels on my touring bike so your Trek isn’t a bad choice either if the wheels have been tensioned by a human and they parts are reasonable. You can always tow a 2 wheel trailer which take the weight off the bike totally.

16 01 2012

Hi, I was just about to order a Brompton Super Light when we discovered that the titanium components are indefinitely unavailable. That might be a good thing because it allowed me to rethink the Tikit. I want to travel abroad with the bike so weight, portability, ease of folding and 20-30 miles per day road riding comfort is what I am evaluating. In your opinion how does the TIkit compare to the Brompton? Currently I ride a Friday that is at least 15 years old, 20 ” wheels. Thanks

16 01 2012

@Paans – I am no Brompton expert. My friends who own a couple Bromptons have lent them to me and my GF several times. I can’t wait to get back on my Tikit and my GF has never said anything kind about her Brompton experiences. OTOH some folks love them.

When I bought my Tikit my friends [who were Brompton dealers at the time] offered me one at cost and I choose to pay full retail for a Tikit. That’s a decision I’ve never regretted.

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