Scruzol 1.5 Month Update

17 02 2011

Having used the Scruzol on my Baja trip I thought I’d update my initial posts about it.

What I think:

  • small form factor is nice
  • no mechanical parts to rust or get jammed
  • lightweight
  • easy to swap bits
  • easy to grip
  • bright colour is easy to see when dropped or to find in a bag/box
  • occasionally I miss rachet action of my bigger multi-bit screwdriver

So far I’m pleased.  For trips I’d definitely take the Scruzol due to the compact size.  At home I’ll keep it handy as well for quick jobs.  I might grab my bigger multi-bit screwdriver for bigger jobs where I might prefer to have the racheting function.

I haven’t used the drill bit functionality yet.  I don’t use a drill much so that isn’t so important to me.



2 responses

17 02 2011

Any idea when/where it will be for sale in the US?

20 02 2011

I think they will be soon. I talked with the inventor and he told me he was sending a bunch of bilingual models to the various markets stateside. And not french as the second language. I will be bringing some to various reviewers who will be showing up at NAHBS if anyone wants to see them in person. Austin Feb 25-27.


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