Burning Bush 2011

16 02 2011

When in doubt let some air out of those fatties!

Every year in La Ventana there is a party called Burning Bush.  It’s held in mid-January and my description would be – kinda like Burning Man, but 500 times smaller, 50 times more dangerous and no dust!

I had to keep swerving to avoid the odd rogue wave...=-)

The night of the event I took a nap and got up after dark.  I wasn’t sure where it was being held or how to get there as this was my first time attending.  I walked from my tent to the beach and could see flames 5kms away at the bottom of the bay, but I didn’t know how to get there by road and given it was a “party” night I didn’t really want to be on the road.

Eventually I could see the flames clearly and knew I was almost there...

Since I had a Surly Pugsley with me and the party was on the beach I just aired down the tires for beach riding and started pedaling – well not until I had filled my Ortlieb pannier with beer, ice and limes!

Fire + beer + music = Burning Bush

The tide was headed out so the sand near the water’s edge was relatively firm and easy to ride on.  I cruised right into the party and checked out a few bonfires before figuring out where to stash my Pugsley.

I didn't realize right away I had locked my Pugsley to a structure they planned on burning!

I locked up my Pugsley to a wooden structure with a screen they were projecting videos onto.  I found out later it was going to be burned so I kept my eye on it so I could rescue my bike in time, but that particular structure didn’t get burned till much later.

More fire and people...

There were many burning installations.  Lots of people and music.

Balloons with LED lights inside floating in the sky with the moon...

Lot’s of clever art installations – some that didn’t even burn…=-)


Did I mention the fire and danger?

KIds and fire!

and the kids?


I ran out of beer a bit early [poor planning], but I was ready to ride back to my tent and hop in my sleeping bag before I caught fire!  The Pugsley ride there and back were super fun and made attending the event uber easy.



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