Thanks Fred…

12 02 2011

MEC floor pump and Fizer replacement nozzle + hose...

I posted a while back about being pissed off my cheap floor pump stopped working reliably.

New hose and nozzle installed...

Fred was kind enough to leave me a comment letting me know MEC sold a replacement nozzle and hose from Fizer that would work with this pump for $9cdn.  I went down there and bought it.  5mins of easy work at home and I had a working pump that was better than before – sweet!  Thanks Fred you rock!…=-)

New nozzle...



2 responses

12 02 2011

…and yet it looks so much cooler when someone else blogs about it!

13 02 2011

Used the same kit to repair a broken Joe Bloe Deluxe floor pump. Same story: pump is better than before. The big improvement is the reduction in force needed to pull the chuck of the valve stem.

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