REI Verita Cycling Rain Jacket…

11 02 2011

REI Verita Jacket...

So after all that consideration I grabbed a REI Verita rain jacket on my way through San Diego.

I figured:

  • cost was reasonable
  • looking like a pumpkin wasn’t all bad
  • reviews are positive
  • packed size was on the smaller end of things
  • fit was perfect [men’s large]
  • if it all goes pear shaped I’ll return it on my next trip to the US and get a Gore jacket

The lack of vents kind of freaks me out, but I’m willing to give it a shot.  I tried on a Gore softshell and the men’s large fits me well, but they didn’t have any of the Gore waterproof/breathable jackets in stock.  Strangely the Shower Pass Club Pro men’s large fit me great while the Elite 2.0 I tried on in Victoria didn’t fit well.

Thanks for all the feedback.  I’ll let you know how it works after the spring is over on Vancouver Island….=-)



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13 02 2011

I picked this jacket up a few months ago. We had some rain here in SoCal which for us obviously meant the end of the world was coming so I wanted to be prepared.

I was skeptical about the breathability but from my experience so far it’s really living up to the claim. I haven’t overheated once while riding and it’s kept me 100% dry. The orange color is a huge plus. Mainly because that’s my color but also because I can’t stand the screaming yellow of most rain jackets or black which makes no sense to me in dark wet weather.

13 02 2011

All of my three cycling jackets are bright orange. Very visible and way less nauseating and boring than the usual yellow / red / blue that you see. Helps that it’s my favorite color, too! Good luck with the jacket!

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