Thanks John & Kent P…

10 02 2011

Dahon with Radbot rack mount and a PB Superflash mounted...

John for letting me know MEC sells rear rack mounts for PB Superflash lights and thanks to Kent P for letting me know each Radbot 1000 box came with a rear rack mount that fits either light.  I was looking for a way to attach a light to Sharon’s Dahon and this advice was just what I needed to solve the problem.  Thanks – one of the great things about this blog is the stuff I learn from clever readers…=-)



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10 02 2011

Also gotta give thanks Planet Bike for being so cool about spare parts, not charging shipping for the small stuff (well, at least in the US). I got a rack mount from them, ended up using it to mount the PB light on my Velokraft tailbox. Worked out just right.

11 02 2011

Hey Vik,

I do not know if you have seen it yet, but PB has a 1 watt superflash rear light now.

PS two weeks to NAHBS.

12 02 2011

@B – no I didn’t know that….any change to the way the light operates or the flash modes? I don’t really need a brighter rear light Superflash unless there is something else different about it. The flash mode is irritating and the solid mode is fine on the 0.5W….don’t really want my batteries to drain twice as fast on a 1W light.

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