Wide tires are faster?…no way!

3 02 2011

Test Rig...

I’m shocked…LMAO…okay not really, but it’s good to see other folks get onboard the wide tire band wagon…=-)



4 responses

3 02 2011
Bob Hopkins

Interesting article – thanks.

I ride Schwalbe so I’m interested in how they compare to the industry. Know anything about finding such data?

BTW, I ride a Gold Rush LWB and took your survey re:feeling skittish being viewed by others. I’m a touring ride (long-distance, solo) primarily. As a matter of habit, I never ride anything less on the rear than a 28mm for daily riding, and usually 32-35mm for touring.

Thanks for your blog, it’s one of favorite.

Keep up the good job.

Bob – Chattanooga, Tennessee

3 02 2011

@Bob – the easy way to tell how fast a tire is likely to be is how supple the casing is. More supple = faster – while stiffer = slower. For more precision you’d need to look at actual tire tests like Bicycle Quarterly has conducted. I can’t recall what Schwalbe tires they have tested.

The Kojak is probably a decent Schwalbe for speed. The Stelvio was a decent narrow tire….not sure what they replaced it with. For 16″ & 20″ tires I’m into the Greenspeed Scorcher.

Thanks for the kind words!

3 02 2011

The Durano is Schwalbe’s replacement for the Stelvio, for all sizes. I’ve found it to be a reasonable tire in the 28mm width. Beyond that you move to the Kojak at 35mm, also a darn good tire.

I run a variety of tire sizes on my bikes, mostly in relation to the limits on the bike. The VK2 won’t do more than 28mm f/r. The Quest has a nice fat 50mm in the back, 35mm up front; could go with 42s up front, but would limit my steering. And the XtraStreet rolls on nice cushy 50mm Big Apples.

Hi, I’m an admitted, but not wanting to ‘recover’, Schwalbe tire addict. 😉

3 02 2011
Val Garou

Man, fat tires have been my secret weapon for years now. I am going to bummed when EVERYONE starts showing up on 28s.

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