The Agony & The Ecstasy!

3 02 2011

My beach @ La Ventana Baja Mexico...

Tuesday was a total bummer for both Sharon and I.  She was out on a kite that was too small for the wind speed [wind dropped when she went out] and spent 2hrs bobbing around on a lesson that was pointless.  I didn’t even get into the water – I managed to rip a big hole in my kite trying to launch it [sharp metal on the beach!]. Needless to say not a great day.

Wednesday Sharon went out on a big kite and had her best lesson so far getting long rides and feeling in control.  I had my best day of kiting ever – feeling effortless as I was able to turn hard onto the face of the same wave multiple times…dragging my hand on the face and then when I had run the whole length of the wave whipping back around and doing it all over again.

Some days you are on top of the world and some days the world is on top of you.  Not much you can do, but enjoy your victories and let the crappy days slide off your back without getting too bummed.  Any day that nobody got hurt or sick isn’t really a horrible day.



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