Slingshot Tyrant 6’2″ Review

25 01 2011

The new board grin...

I’ve been riding a sweet Slingshot Tyrant 6’2″ thruster fin surfboard down here in La Ventana.

This board is too good for me...

Let’s be honest it will still be a couple years before I’m a good enough kiteboarder to really get the most from this board.  So I won’t bother trying to tell you how this board will work for you – I’ll just let you know what I think about it and share some board porn!

Glamour shot...

I got this board from Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham.  They’ve got killer prices and have always treated me great.  I chatted with them about what directional board they recommended and I got a unanimous Slingshot Tyrant 6’2″ from three different folks at the shop.


The Tyrant is big enough for me to surf unpowered.

The bamboo and carbon construction is lovely to look at...

Slingshot marketing spew:

“Cherry picking the favorites from our test boards and developing what is the best 6’2″ tri fin shortboard model to date. Fractionally thicker over the stringer under the chest with flatter entry for paddling, than last years BW Pro. The NEW TYRANT 6’2” has a much smoother blend of curve, bottom contour (single double concave) and outlines that harmonize for clean release and drive.

The all NEW incorporated WVS Bamboo construction and the only board with parabolic CARBON rails, delivers a more crisp feel and spring when loading and unloading the rail. WVS and the carbon rail also makes the Tyrant the most durable kite surfboard offered today to handle everything from hard lip smacking to aggressive ariel moves.

This board will blow your mind in good surf! Kiting or surfing reigning as a dominant force to be reckoned with, the NEW 2011 Slingshot Tyrant meets the needs of expert kitesurfers looking for all out hard core performance.”

Carbon rails...

The carbon rails and bamboo construction makes for a very strong precise board.  I knew it was tough, but what blew my mind was seeing several of the pro riders in the big air competition this past weekend riding Tyrants.  Landing jumps of 40′ and 50′ on a surfboard shouldn’t be possible without coming back with several different pieces, but the proof was in the pudding.

The Slighshot surfboard lineup for 2011...

The 2011 Slingshot surfboard lineup looks killer – something for everyone.

Checking out the Slingshot booth at the Kite Expo...

I was stoked to see a bunch of Slingshot boards at the kite expo last weekend.  I wanted to try the Dialer [2nd from the left], but was too busy riding my Tyrant to get down there when it was windy.

I like the Dialer quad fin on the right...

What I like about the Tyrant:

  • light and strong
  • infinitely adjustable foot straps
  • removable foot straps
  • large size provides lots of flotation so you can use a nimble small kite
  • turns on a dime and responds to your every input
  • looks great and is taking all my abuse without complaint
  • rides toeside with straps no problem
  • goes upwind well
  • very smooth on chop
  • big enough I can try paddle it into waves [I say try because I’m not a shortboarder!]

Carbon wraps around the whole board...

I’ve already managed to ram the nose of this board into the ground when I dropped it…doh!…, but the carbon tip was barely scratched and I just wiped it off and went riding.

Comfortable foot straps on a sliding rail...

Both the front and rear foot straps slide on a rail for infinite adjustability.  If you want to pull the straps Slingshot gives you some rubber inserts to plug the rails for comfy barefoot riding.

Riding on rails - literally...

I’ve got my front strap/pad adjusted almost all of the way forward to keep the board flat and fast.

Tri-fin thruster setup for a lot of drive off the tail and maneuverability...

The fins bolt in from the top with burly hardware so they can really take all the pressure you can load them up with when you drive the board with a ton of kite power.

Fin porn...

I need to find some spare fins for this board.  I would be crushed to destroy a fin on day 1 of a 2 week trip to a remote beach.

A record of the serial #...

I got the 70th Tyrant 6’2″ they made…=-)

Return if found!

I haven’t lost a board yet, but just in case I always put my name and email on them plus an offer for some $$$.  Giving some one $100 is way cheaper than buying a new board.

A little more porn...

Okay got go ride!

Bamboo baby!

BTW – KPS has these boards on sale at the moment for $569USD [ Feb 2012]



8 responses

27 01 2011

Hi Vik,

Excuse my ignorance but are you telling me that one can surf (paddle for a wave) this board AND use it as a kiteboard?


27 01 2011

@Conrad – yes – just take the straps off and it’s a 6’2″ shortboard. If you don’t know how to surf or are just learning on a 9′ longboard a shortboard is probably too small to use effectively. Having said that if some guys were headed to the Pacfic coast of Baja to surf and I went along I’d use this board [poorly!]. I can paddle out on it and have fun, but I’m not a good enough surfer to get any decent rides on it. In two years I might be!

15 05 2011
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18 06 2011

Any thoughts on this board as a first directional?

21 06 2011

Although this really my second surfboard I got rid of the first one after a few rides as I was not ready for it. With a couple seasons under my belt I got the Tyrant as my first real surfboard and I would say it’s an expert level board….if you are competent and looking for a high performance board I’d go for it. You will be challenged, but grow into it and love it. If you want something that will be easy to ride and you don’t care as much about performance there are easier directionals to start on.

3 10 2011
Jaime Shoemaker

Hey Vik,
I’m a big guy (6’2 230lbs) do you think this board would hold me up? I’m been looking at Airush Sector V2 60 as well but there kinda pricey! Thanks JP

3 10 2011

@Jamie – do you mean is the board tough enough? If so the La Ventana Big Air Comp a couple contestants were on Tyrants and came down on their boards from huge airs.

My friends Andy & Mike are in the 200lbs+ range and they ride Tyrants no problem.

30 01 2012

Slinghot Tyrant kite surfboards are on sale at the moment for $569:

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