Margo the Mini-CETMA…

23 01 2011

Margo the mini-CETMA...

Lane at CETMA has a new smaller lighter faster version of his cargo bike he is calling the Margo.   I don’t have all the details on how it differs from the original CETMA that I have besides being smaller.  I do know that the back end is the same so you could order a Margo front end and have two different cargo bike configurations for way less than the cost of two bikes.

Margo in action!

Margo in Green with the original CETMA in white...

I’ll get the details from Lane about the Margo and post them to this blog. For now just enjoy the cargo bike porn…=-)

Two sizes of platform...

If you don’t haul fridges around and want a more mobile cargo bike the Margo might be a great option.  Lots of room up front for a kid and a week’s worth of shopping.

Is white right or are you green with envy?

I do like the green colour something fierce, but I’m glad I have the bigger rig.  My Big Dummy is a good medium capacity cargo bike while the CETMA takes over when things get stupid heavy.

Same back end as he original now standard with an EBB...

Since I can use the same back end I may have to get me a Margo front sometime and conduct some extensive comparative testing!

Eccentric bottom bracket...

If I had an EBB I could ditch my Rohloff’s chain tensioner…*sigh* next time…


Margo – the same great CETMA flavour – just less filling…=-)



2 responses

23 01 2011
steve Jones

Looks like another sound choice for those of us in the market for a new cargo bike. There is so much goodness in bike design right now we are almost spoilt for choice. My top three would be 1) Belt drive tikit with Alfine 11, coming soon???????
2) Cetma Margo or Largo and 3) Surly Troll with IGH. All bikes for the real world that you can really put to work.
Off topic but for all lazy cyclists who can’t decide whether to get on the bike today, check out the RIDE WITH LARRY MOVIE. this short video should humble you and get you on your bike. No excuses!

13 02 2011

That is gorgeous. I’d love to see a dual 20″ one too. With I suspect it would look quite Moulton.

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