Surly Troll

21 01 2011

Photo: Surly Blog

The Surly Blog has a write up and some photos of the new Troll frame and their cargo trailer.



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21 01 2011
Rob E.

I really want to see what people do with the Troll. It seems to be a mountain bike at heart, and I have no use for a trail/off-road bike, but it seems to have braze-ons/attachments for absolutely everything, and it could be a very versatile frame. I have to compare it to my LHT, because right now that’s my all-purpose bike, and I’d love to see how the Troll compares. I just don’t understand enough about frame geometry to know how different measurements affect the ride, but I do see longer chainstays on the Trucker, which has been nice when it comes to not kicking my panniers. Wheelbase is about the same, so I guess it puts you a little farther back, which doesn’t seem like the direction I’d like to go for stability. It’s probably a completely inappropriate frame for me, but it’s new, it’s Surly, and I sometimes think that if only my Trucker had horizontal dropouts and could take disc brakes, I would have no complaints. This solves both of those issues, but seems to have the disadvantage of not actually being a Long Haul Trucker. I hope we see some first hand reports on this frame before too long.

21 01 2011

I toured just fine with my Pugsely using panniers.


It’s a MTB at heart, but with 2.0″ or 2.25″ Marathon XR or Extreme or Supreme tires it would be a fine touring bike.

21 01 2011
Rob E.

Wow, that looks like an awesome trip. If I had some storage other than our 2nd bedroom, the Pugsley would be the bike I’d be struggling to justify owning (in spite of having no use for 99% of the time). As it is, if I get another full sized bike, it kicks the Long Haul Trucker out, which is almost unthinkable. Chainstays on the Troll are even shorter than the Pugsley. I’ll have to see how it works for folks who put panniers on it. If it does make a suitable touring bike, I could be in trouble. The LHT is too new yet to be replaced without creating discord in the house, but one thing I can’t see losing is my gear hub, and running a gear hub on the LHT’s vertical dropouts makes me lose some of the advantages of using the hub in the first place, and the Troll is the first frame I’ve seen so far that tempts me.

21 01 2011

3 out of my 4 IGH bikes use chain tensioners…not ideal, but no real problem. Tensioners require no adjustment and are tougher than a derailleur.

21 01 2011
Eric Marchese

Yes Rob, I understand, I am in a simmilar circumstance…love my LHT but dig the disc brake option on the troll. I am also very interested in the extra 10×1 threaded holes on the rear plate for attaching a bob trailer. I worry about the short chainstays and heel strike with running panniers and also was wondering about the stability…the geometry is more mountain bike than stable touring rig.

22 01 2011

@Eric – the LHT’s curved lighter fork will be much better at absorbing road shock than the Troll’s stiffer fork. That can be important for hand comfort.

2 02 2011

@Rob &@Eric re chainstay length. I agree with the thinking that it would be good tourer, but if you look at the geo chart the chainstay length is measured to the frount of the dropouts, while the rackmounts are as far back as possible – there has to be an extra 20mm there easy. I’m guessing it would be fine unless you have huge feet, but am waiting for reviews. My dream troll would be built for touring with alfine 11 full racks and big apples. Now if only I had spare money…

19 02 2011

In regards to chainstay length to actual rack mount locations, I did some calculations based on the frame geometry diagrams from Surly’s site. If my calculations are correct (and the drawings are accurate) then the difference between the LHT and Troll when using the rearmost rack eyelets is only 28mm (LHT longer). This measurement is taken on the line connecting the center of crank to the center of rear axle. If you take the line from the center of crank to the center of rear eyelet the numbers are: LHT (474mm) and Troll (454mm). The Troll’s mount is a good deal higher than the LHT which accounts for the closer margin using the latter measurement. In either case, you’re looking at about a 1 inch difference between the LHT and Troll in regards to rear rack mount distance. Though the LHT chainstay is 41mm longer, its rear rack mount distance is only 20-28mm longer (depending on measurement method) This would be further argument that the Troll can be not only a good commuter, but can fill in as a flexible road touring rig. I’d appreciate it if someone at Surly, or someone both bikes could confirm the above numbers.

20 02 2011

@Matt – a rider on Bike Forums with man sized feet built up a Troll with full size rear panniers and Old Man Mountain Cold Spring racks…his feet clear no problem. Surly is quite responsive so if you email them they should get back to you on this. My Pugsley sports racks and panniers with no problems with OMM racks as well.

1 03 2011
John Speare

@lazy (08:10:35) — a 2.7″ wide tire could help absorb some of the road shock from the fugly troll fork.

Man I wish I could get this bike outta my brain. It’s likely just a matter of time.

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