Mr. Fix it!

21 01 2011

Sanded fins smooth after riding into some shallow rocks...

More rock damage to forearm...

Mostly healed rock damage on shin...

GPS repaired with the Goo!

Water jug leak fixed with the Goo and duct tape!

Ran out of Goo so had to use seam seal...not as good...

Got my harness repaired professionally - no Goo here...=-)

Even my Repair Kit needs a repair....=-0!

Guyline repaired after midnight call of nature trip damage...

My tarp ripped out at one spot so I repaired it with a stick...

Ripped tent stuff repair feasible this got trashed...

Drunk idiot tripped on my tent fly and ripped it good...=-(

First I Goo'd it with red repair tape...then stitched the end where it sees the most stress...


Goo'd tent repair from last year in Baja...

Pugsley chain was last oiled in Baja a year ago...this year it gets the slack removed... lucky bike...

Something is wrong with the beer bottles down here...they start full, but quickly leak out and are empty???



One response

22 01 2011

Bless your heart… all that beer disappearing! 🙂

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