Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 Review

19 01 2011

Mako 150 & Mako 140...

I got to try out an Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 board for a few days courtesy of Bellingham Kiteboarding.  The Mako 150 is the model right between the Ocean Rodeo Mako 140 I’ve been riding for a year and the Mako King that I rode at Lake Nitnaht this past summer.

They are both nice looking boards...

The Mako 150 is shaped the same as the Mako 140 with an extra 5cm at each end.  This extra length takes the edge of the board and gives it some of the cruising vibe of the Mako King without the weight and massive size. The Mako 150 was sort of the best of both worlds…when I wanted to charge hard I could rip turns and jump with it nearly as good as my 140, but when I wanted to take it easy it had a chilled out character and great upwind ride that’s not available on the Mako 140.

Ocean Rodeo Mako...my favourite kiteboard line up!

Would I give up my 140 and only ride a 150?  I don’t know.  When I’m in the mood to rip the smaller size and lighter weight of the Mako 140 is pretty sweet.  I think if Sharon wants to ride a Mako we’ll get a 150 to compliment my 140.  We can ride both depending on conditions and our moods – that would be perfect.

One situation where I’d take a Mako 150 over a 140 or a King is for travel.  For 2011 Ocean Rodeo has setup the Mako 150 so it can be ridden in mutant TT mode like the Mako King with surf straps and 3 fins at the back end and one fin on the front.  That would give you an airline friendly board that can really do everything.

Love that Mako concave...

If you haven’t ridden an Ocean Rodeo Mako you need to give one a try.  They give you a super smooth ride in the chop and carve turns so well.  The only problem is you may have trouble going back to a square twin tip!

Click here for my previous Ocean Rodeo Mako review posts.

BTW – big thanks to Bellingham Kiteboarding [aka Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham]…putting out a ton of demo gear is expensive and a hassle, but it’s the only way for people to know what gear is right for them. Kiteboarding gear is expensive so being able to validate a choice before you buy is key. The fact they have the lowest prices I’ve found and great customer service is totally bonus.



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15 05 2011
Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] I tested a 2010 Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 in Baja this past winter and really liked it. I had planned to buy another Mako King, but a Slingshot Tyrant surfboard snuck into my quiver so I switched gears and went with the Mako 150. Somewhat lame 2011 OR graphics… […]

23 04 2012

Have you tried the 130 0r 135 ? I’m no lightweight & I switch from my 150 to the 130 when the wind is strong & steady ( Gordons beach thermals ! ) It’s smooth & requires surprisingly little input to keep cruising. Same MAKO edging.
p.s. Awesome blog Vic. Though it does make me feel like an underachiever !!!

23 04 2012

@Jim – thanks! I have tried a 130 Mako, but it was way too short. I like the 140 Mako a ton so I don’t feel much need to experiment with a shorter board. My GF has some smaller twin tips ~132cm if I really wanted to ride a shorter board, but that’s never been of interest to me.

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