Engel AC/DC Fridge…

18 01 2011

Engel high efficiency AC/DC fridge...

A lot of Baja campers have these Engel fridges run off solar panels/batteries. I’m thinking of doing the same thing for my truck camping setup.  Anyone reading this have one or know of a better camping fridge option?

What I like about this one:

  • freezes stuff [ice on the beach ya!]
  • high efficiency for use with solar power setup
  • runs off AC or DC for times I have grid power [ie. can take it in a cottage]
  • sized big enough to be useful and small enough to fit in truck
  • available in BC Canada
  • lots of folks down here in Baja use them and they seem to work well



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18 01 2011

The Westphalia community knows about that fridge. From what I’ve read, they look like the real deal. Read on…


18 01 2011

Wow, pricy lil’ buggers. But then, you’re getting a real fridge out of it.

For my weekend+ car-camping needs I’ve been very pleased with an old Igloo solid-state cooler. 12v/110v. Its definitely nice not having to deal with keeping ice loaded and drained. Though it does have a problem staying cool enough in hot weather. But hey… hand-me-down from family, so not complaining. Gonna keep one of these in mind for the future though, should my trips become a bit extended or more remote.

18 01 2011

If you are under 40 then get one.Like CrMo frames these things last forever,you will have to make sure you have the beast written into your will as there will be a lot of fighting about who will get it when you go to the velodrome in the sky.Here in Australia it is the number one fridge for campers, 4WD enthusiasts and even crews fro 24 hour endurance rides.The number and variety of these style of fridges is pretty large, but Engel are the most popular even if they cost an arm and a leg.

19 01 2011

@Ian – I’ve used [and own] one of those cooltronic coolers…they aren’t bad, but it’s not in the same class…I am in the middle of a 4 day curry marathon because when I buy a package of chicken down here are cook a curry I have to eat it day after day since my cooler only cools…if I could freeze I’d be able to put meals away for a lazy day next week!

19 01 2011

@Paul – the price seems reasonable given how much time I spend away from home…being able to pour some milk into a mug of tea in the AM and having ice for daiquiris in the desert will be well worth it!

21 01 2011

Check out the “Expedition Portal” site forum – lots of people there w/experience with Engel, ARB and National Luna 12v refrigerator/freezers. On your way north you might check out Adventure Trailers and see all the equipment you could desire for comfort in Baja.

21 01 2011

@JB – the Adventure Trailers look cool…another interesting option to consider!

31 01 2011

In addition to JB’s recommendation for Expedition Portal, check out the Overland Journal magazine. One issue they rated fridges and their reviews are quite good.

27 05 2011

How much $ ? In usd or cdn $
Where can I pick/up ?
I’m in Vancouver BC

27 05 2011
3 09 2011
Adam Christopher Greco

I’ve had one for 4 years. Absolutely love it. Don’t go any larger size wise than you need to. Really great products. ARB, Engel. Great fridge/freezer.

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