Engel AC/DC Fridge…

18 01 2011

Engel high efficiency AC/DC fridge...

A lot of Baja campers have these Engel fridges run off solar panels/batteries. I’m thinking of doing the same thing for my truck camping setup.  Anyone reading this have one or know of a better camping fridge option?

What I like about this one:

  • freezes stuff [ice on the beach ya!]
  • high efficiency for use with solar power setup
  • runs off AC or DC for times I have grid power [ie. can take it in a cottage]
  • sized big enough to be useful and small enough to fit in truck
  • available in BC Canada
  • lots of folks down here in Baja use them and they seem to work well

Wall Art…

18 01 2011

Mural outside Russ Hayes Cycles - Victoria BC...