Grand Bois – No, but Honjos – Yes…

16 01 2011

LHT with Grand Bois Cypres tires....

I gave up on my tire rolling resistance test as my methodology was flawed so that I couldn’t get repeatable results.  I’ll have to get some help to ensure each run starts the same and also get some help taking the measurements.  Doing it all by myself was not working.

So I put the Grand Bois Cypres on my LHT and used it for a couple days.  The tires are fast and comfy, but the more I rode them the more I came to the conclusion I really want them on my Bow Cycle cross bike so I can log training KMs for my 2011 brevets.  I’ll put the Marathon XRs back on the LHT and it can stay in hauling mode rather than trying to be a go fast bike.

Hammered fenders...

However, as I was messing with the tires I came to the conclusion that my aging SKS fenders could use replacing.  They still work fine [although the back one is a bit short], but they look awful. I think I’ll get some hammered metal fenders to dress up the LHT.  I’ll take the opportunity to clean the frame and do any drivetrain maintenance it needs.  I bought a leather mudflap to match the tan Brooks saddle.  I’ll order them so they arrive as I get back from Baja.  It will be nice to roll around on a minty fresh trucker that looks sweet.

Custom Rene Herse...

My LHT won’t look as lovely as the custom Rene Herse above, but you get the idea…=-)



3 responses

16 01 2011
Aaron M

Drool, the Rene Herse is almost too beautifull to ride, almost. Another beloved builder that makes me salivate is Hethins, What sort of kms are you racking up in preparation for your brevets?

17 01 2011

@Aaron….KMs?…lol…about 6-10kms a day to collect beer, ice and coffee…hahaha…basically none….I won’t start training until end of Feb when I get back to Victoria.

If you start now you’ll crush me easily!…=-)

19 01 2011
Aaron M

I like your camp set-up, very slick. Nearly everything a man could want in one beautiful, sunny, & sandy locale. As for the rando training I installed a light carrier & trunk bag on my Trek XO & will be using that for logging some kms. It boils down to weight, the LHT rolls like a locomotive, & has similar tonnage. The Trek is set up to be swift but affords a lot comfort in the saddle, plus it has the most efficient gearing for the roads here on the Island. Basically I’m lazy, so I doubt I’ll be way ahead of you in preparation but am looking forward to doing some long rides. Have a Corona, or dos, on my behalf. Adios Vik

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