Customizing the RRD for Sharon…

12 01 2011

Tweaking my big twin tip for Sharon...

Sharon will be using my big twin tip RRD Placebo board when she comes down to Baja.  It’s easy to ride and provides lots of lift making it easy to get out of the water and stay planning even if you don’t fly the kite perfectly.  That’s why it’s smart to learn on a big board and keep it around for light wind days and for new kiters to use.

Installing an Ocean Rodeo GoJoe...

The nice folks at Bellingham Kiteboarding let me swap out Sharon’s all black Ocean Rodeo GoJoe for one with some orange on it for better visibility – thanks!  As a new kiter you lose your board a lot and body dragging back to it all the time gets old fast.  The GoJoe keeps your board a lot closer to you by acting like a sail so that it’s easy to spot in the waves and easier to get back to.  Definitely a worthwhile investment.  Even when Sharon is past the learning stage we’ll keep the GoJoe around for tough conditions where losing your board is a real risk.

Adjusting pads...

You’ll notice the lower pad is closer to the heel edge [left side of photo] than the top one.  I moved both pads in to the centre as far as possible and towards the heel edge so that Sharon [who is a lot lighter than me] has some help putting weight on the heel edge.  That’s the edge she’ll be riding 90% of the time and with small feet and lower body weight it’s not as easy for her to  load up that edge as it is for me.  A narrower stance also makes sense with shorter legs.

The final touch...

Once I had it all setup I cleaned it off and personalized the board for Sharon…=-)



One response

6 04 2011

Got to say that I use the RRD Placebos for teaching at my school in Squamish and love how they handle for beginners. As you say the way the big boards keep planing forgiving the ‘less than perfect kiteflying’ makes it great for my students!

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