Island Shaper Custom Longboard…

10 01 2011

Jason and Sharon discuss longboard options...

To be honest I wasn’t sure how much interest Sharon would have in surfing:

  • it’s the hardest sport I’ve tried to learn
  • the season around here is fall/winter
  • the Pacific Ocean is cold
  • she has circulation problems that tend to limit her cold weather exposure
  • it’s physically exhausting like nothing else I do

So I have to say it’s awesome that she loves surfing and with the right wetsuit seems fine in the cold water.  I bought her an inexpensive surfboard [8’4″ Bic Surf] from a surf school in Tofino so she’d have something to ride when she came out occasionally.  She ended up wanting to surf at every opportunity so we sold that board to a friend who needs a low cost way to get into the sport and Sharon decided to reward herself with a new longboard better suited to her needs and developing skills.

I figured we’d keep looking around for a deal that fit her reasonably well and jump on it when one crossed our path.  I was a bit surprised when we chatted with Jason at Island Shaper as I dropped off my Walden for repair that he would make Sharon a custom longboard for $625cdn.  That includes custom hand made graphics as well as a length and shape made to order.  Give I paid $900+ for a production board that’s a deal.

Sharon is working on her board’s graphic design while Jason shapes the foam black for her.  If all goes well when I get back from Baja Sharon will have a sweet new board of her own to ride. Besides being better suited to ger than the school board it’s cool that she’ll be on a board made by a local Victoria BC area surfer.

Jason specializes in longboards and SUPs so one of these days I’ll probably get my own custom board.