Pixie Hoops…

8 01 2011

Sharon styled up for a hoop session...

Sharon’s keen on learning to be a super duper hula hooper. There is a local hoop troop called the Pixie Hoops. They offer lessons and sell gear such as the travel hoop that collapses in the image below.

Pixie in pink...

This video shows the ultimate goal.

I'm lazy so I hoop on my back...

Since Sharon was game to learn how to kiteboard and surf I figured some payback was in order.  I went with her to a Pixie Hoops workshop and gratefully accepted the pink travel hoop shown above as a Christmas present.  I did draw the line at the pink mankini + tutu though…=-)  You can’t say I’m not a team player.




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10 01 2011

Hmm. Looks like you may have “sustainable love” there…. congrats!

“People have a fundamental motivation to improve the self and add to who they are as a person,” Dr. Lewandowski says. “If your partner is helping you become a better person, you become happier and more satisfied in the relationship.”


11 01 2011

Hooping is a lot of fun! I want to go when Hoopnotica comes to Dallas next time.

Hooping with your feet, eh? Cool!
Peace 🙂

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