Memories of Baja 2010…

7 01 2011

Fatty with a flaty...=-(

My last job before I hit the road to Baja was loading my Surly Pugsley. I noticed it had a front flat so I figured might as well fix it in Victoria.

I found 20+ thorns in both tires...

I was surprised to find a lot of thorns in both tires.  They could only have come from Baja last winter.  Some how they survived all year including a fair number of winter rides.

I got 'em all - I hope!

I broke out my mini-pliers and worked my way around each tire pulling all the thorns.

Amazingly I only found two holes in the front...

I used a tub of water to locate the holes.  Amazingly I only found two in the front tube.  At least that was at moderate pressure.  It’s possible there may be some additional pinholes. I patched the two and put the tire back on.  If it’s still holding air when I roll into La Ventana on Sunday I’ll know I got ’em all.  If not time for a six pack and some hunting!

So sad....=-(

As I worked on my Pugsley I couldn’t help, but noticing how rough she looked…=-(  This bike takes a beating and gets almost no maintenance.  So far she hasn’t let me down!