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6 01 2011

Blisters and Bliss...

Sharon hiked a 3 day section of the Juan de Fuca trail which is fairly close to Victoria.  She enjoyed it and has been talking about hiking the popular West Coast Trail this year. I bought her the guidebook and agreed to go with her on two conditions 1) we pack ultralight and 2) we move fast.  I’m not much for slogging along at a slow pace with an expedition pack on.  It’s not fun and all the luxuries you can carry along are more than offset by the suffering they cause.  Cruising along in running shoes and daypacks sounds like a whole lot more fun and as a bonus it will take up less of Sharon’s limited annual holidays.

I won’t be pushing for this trip so it will be interesting to see if Sharon feels like putting in the effort to organize this adventure.



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6 01 2011

I’ve been planning on doing the WCT when I get to Van Isle but at circa $175CDN it’ll take a lot out of my tour budget 😦

PS What’s the book like (I’ve had it parked in my Amazon wish list whilst I decide what to do)?

My best,

6 01 2011

@Znook – you can also do the Juan de Fuca Trail…I can drop you off and pick you up for free.

6 01 2011

This guy did the WCT in a day…seems pretty fast:


Have you considered the Kludakh trail? It runs along the San Juan ridge parallel to the JdF Trail.

7 01 2011

@Fred – no I haven’t considered any other trails. Frankly if it was up to me there would be no hiking at all. I did far too much running around in the woods with a backpack on when I was in the army. But, Sharon likes it so in the spirit of compromise I’ll go along.

I’ll pass on the ideas you suggest to her and let her decide what she wants to do.

12 02 2011

I’ve hike the WCT every year. It is both a challenge and a scenic getaway. The JdF Trail is very similar but second rate with more second growth forest, and easy access which leads to crowding, beer coolers and stereos. The WCT has a wider range of scenery, open ocean, sandy beaches, sandstone shelves, bog, lighthouses and potential sea life. The JdF does share enough of the same West Coast qualities that I’ve hiked it 3 times.

Blisters and Bliss provides as much interesting reading as it is a guide book. 3 of 5 stars.

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