Garmin Vista Cx Failure

4 01 2011

Bought in early 2007...died in late 2010...

I bought the Garmin Vista Cx shown above at the start of Jan 2007 and when I went to use it yesterday and noticed the rubber seal around the perimeter has come unglued.  The unit is still functional, but when stuff starts to fall apart it doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling about it’s reliability when the chips are down.  I thought about pulling the trigger on the Delorme Earthmate GPS with SPOT beacon.  It looks awesome and I like the idea of being able to send msgs via satellite when I am away from cell or net service.  But, I need to keep my budget in check by focusing on the stuff I really want/need.  I’ll try and make the Vista Cx work through my brevets in 2011 and then it can live out its life in my truck.  That will give the Delorme folks a chance time to run through one more product cycle and when I do get a new GPS it will be even more function – hopefully!

Rubber case has come unglued...

I’ve owned quite a few Garmin products and this is my first failure so I’m not going to totally give up on them, but the Delorme GPS with SPOT does offer something Garmin doesn’t and this failure certainly makes me more open to switching brands and learning a new OS/software.

BTW – Kurt is going to lend me his SPOT messenger beacon in 2011 since he isn’t using it much.  I’l buy the subscription to their service and get to use it most of the time.  If he needs it he’ll take it back for a specific trip.  That way we both get SPOT functionality without buying something new.  It won’t give me the satellite messaging service that the Delorme GPS w/ SPOT will, but it’s a reasonable compromise until I have to buy a new GPS.



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4 01 2011
Andy allsopp

Known issue with those etrex units, I’m afraid. Mine went after the other half left it in a sunny car. Once compromised, the glue never sticks properly.

When I get the chance, I’ll pull the rubber strip off, clean it (alcohol?) and try re gluing. The unit is still brilliant, but if water gets in during the interim, I fully expect failure.

4 01 2011

Any ideas what glue to use?

4 01 2011
Andy allsopp

From recollection, gorilla glue is in my mind. That might be a leftpondian only solution, of course…

4 01 2011
Andy allsopp

Scrap that. Received wisdom is to use double sided adhesive tape (3M, etc), stick to cleaned etrex, cut around buttons with craft knife, carefully position cleaned rubber band and pray.

This is how it was done originally, but we’d be using better quality tape.

9 01 2011
Luis Belmonte

Same issue here on HCX Vista after 1,5 year of non-intensive use. Mine is still i warranty so I´ll try to get ir repaired before trying something by myself.

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