Two wheel drive e-Pugsely…

3 01 2011

Electric monster Pugsely...

Ken at Power in Motion built this electric dual motor two wheel driver uber Pugsley. Looks cool!  I don’t know much else about it, but if you get a hold of Ken I’m sure he’d love to chat about how he set this up.



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3 01 2011
Steve Jones

More interesting I guess is WHY Ken did this? It looks like a really neat job but takes away one of the best features of all with any bicycle which is, it’s ability to be powered WITHOUT electricity and that’s REALLY the cool thing about bikes!
Nice clean set up though and must be fun to ride! I bet the first company to successfully come up with batteries which fit neatly into the main triangle, keep the weight centered and still free up the luggage space front and back, will clean up in the market!
I couldn’t do it but maybe Ken can in the Mk2Pugsl-e version! Bet the nice guys down at Surly love this!

3 01 2011

You can still pedal it as a single speed bike, but with two motors and two sets of batteries that wouldn’t be my first choice.

I don’t know who ordered it, but I would assume either a customer ordered one or a customer ordered two e-Pugs and Ken threw both rear wheels on one Pug to try it out.

I’m not 100% sure….

4 01 2011
Jack Otis

I built this bike for myself for winter commuting. Dream’t about it while riding on winter roads at minus 35 degrees slipping and sliding on 700C studded tires. I work for Ken and have built/owned several two wheel drive bikes (tandems, MTBs) over the years, but I must make a few corrections. 2 motors, only one battery, two controllers, one throttle. Uses a 48V 10 Ah Lithium Phosphate battery. Do not use Lithium Polymer batteries as they will not deliver the required current for 2 motors without the dip voltage triggering the BMS on high amp shutdown. Phosphates do not have this limitation as you can draw as much current as required for motors without triggering a battery shutdown. Axle deep snow? It accelerates through it. Go ahead and poo poo electrics, see ya and remember me cruising paths at 30 kph, any snow condition, while you are either slipping or stopped in traffic sitting in your car. Seriously, this is the most fun 60lbs of equipment I have built yet. I own a classic Corvette and a Caliber SRT4 and guess which one I grab when the trip is under 50km? Thats right, the Pug.

4 01 2011
Jack Otis

Just a follow up as this is a work in progress, no pics yet but everything on the racks (batteries/contollers) are now in one rear rack hard case, the front rack is empty and this improves steering, handling and weather protection. I forgot to say what it is like to drive. One word, awesome.

4 01 2011

any review or word on the new Salsa Mukluk, which seems like a Pugsley clone.

12 01 2011

I wish someone would sell pugsley tires with studs for ice

26 05 2011
Joel Kaplan

I am looking for an all steel frame, Steel fork, 2wd, mountain e-bike tio cruise the fire roads. Can you build me one? Once they get a load of this bike here in Marin I could sell 10 a month easy!

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