Scruzol PT 2…

3 01 2011

It's a Scruzol party!

Rob let me know Canadian Tire had the Scruzol on sale for $7.99cdn so I went by there today and got 4 [3 for me and 1 for Rob]. I would have bought a couple for $18 each, but at less than $10 they are a bargain.



3 responses

4 01 2011

They were invented here in Ottawa by a friend of Juergen. was where they were being sold before CTC bought loads from him.

5 01 2011

LOL @ the amateur package French translation

9 01 2011
Rob R.

Thanks for the review, Vik. I was on my way back home to the states after visiting the Forest City Velodrome in London, ON and saw a sign for Canadian Tire. I went 6km out of the way to pick one up. Unfortunately it wasn’t on sale. 😦

When the border guard asked if I was bringing anything back, I was tempted to yell, “A SCRUZOL!!” but I didn’t have time to get searched.

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