Another Dinotte vs Ixon IQ Light Test…

3 01 2011

Here is one last set of light comparison videos before I head south tomorrow AM.  Sharon and I were coming back from dinner in town.  Her bike had a B&M Ixon IQ on it and a Planet Bike Superflash on the rear rack [rack is a bit tweaked so it points down slightly].  I had a Dinotte 200L-AA on my bike with a Radbot 1000 on the back.

Sorry the audio is not great – this is a different camera than I normally use and it apparently doesn’t love the noise from speed induced wind….=-(

Here is what happens in the video:

  • at the start Sharon is ahead so you see my Dinotte 200L aimed for my normal speed range of 20-27kph
  • as I catch up to Sharon you can see her PB Superflash then the beam of her Ixon IQ
  • we ride together with both lights on so you can compare them [look at how much light they put on road and how much goes up into trees/sky]
  • then I turn off my Dinotte and we ride with just her Ixon IQ
  • finally I turn my Dinotte back on for the last bit

One of the reasons I got Sharon a Ixon IQ for Christmas is that on our usual rides at night her 2 Planet Bike Blaze 1W lights were barely enough for her to ride by.  She commented several times how my Dinotte 200L was much brighter and more effective at lighting up a dark MUP or road.  Last night’s ride was our first together with her new lighting and she commented how her light was so much better than mine and that now she had the most kick ass bike light – mission accomplished…=-)

One thing to consider while watching this video is that only about ~30% of the Dinotte’s beam is actually useful for lighting up the road and obstacles.  The rest goes up and to the sides in a huge cone that really is wasted.  Now imagine if all that wasted light was focused down on the road like the Ixon IQ.  You’d have a really bright light beam to ride by!

I promise this is the last bike light video for a couple months….lol…!…=-)

In this video I’m holding a camera at head height and Sharon first rides her own bike towards and then past me [Ixon IQ + PB Superflash] then she grabs my bike and rides it towards me and then past me [Dinotte 200L + Radbot 1000 on rapid flash].  You know what I think about these lights.  I’ll let you draw you own conclusions from the video.

I’d encourage everyone out there to take 5mins next time you are out riding with a friend at night to check out each other’s lights and to check out your own.

PS – as with my previous videos they get darker when uploaded to Youtube so if you want to see the originals click here. The ones shown in this post and Tikit Night 1 & 2. I’m uploading as I publish this post to my blog so it may take an hour or so for those videos to upload.



4 responses

4 01 2011


I’m a big fan of asymmetrical bike lights too and I’m glad that you are pushing this so that people will finally figure out how good they are. I have a Schmidt Edelux, an Inoled Extreme, a B&M Topal, and two Cyo’s and have to say that the Cyo’s win the sweepstakes followed by the Inoled. Yes, I’m a little crazy for lights too.

By the way, when you make it down to Seattle as you have been threatening, you can stay with my wife and I downtown if you like.

6 01 2011

@Brad – wow that’s very kind. Thanks. I’ll drop you a line when I am back from Baja and see how things are looking at your end closer to the date. If that works that would be great. Any chance you’d be interested in riding the SIR 100K?

6 01 2011

I can be talked into that quite easily. However, I do work Saturdays so I’ll have to figure it out. I would be able to ride out to the start at least.

12 01 2011

I like a light on my head not the handlebar, then you can point that beam anywhere you need

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