Do you use-zol a Scruzol?

2 01 2011

The amazing Scruzol...

I got this multi-bit screwdriver sent to me from a friend of the inventor. My first reaction was “…geez now I going to piss off someone I know with a shitty review…”  I have little patience for gimmicks and between my bikes and boards I am a power screwdriver user so I find flaws in these tools easily.

Small tool, but big usefulness...

Happily when I got the Scruzol out of its package and used it I liked it a lot:

  • it’s small so it packs easy
  • fits in my hand well
  • it’s easy to find and put away bits as needed
  • the tool is magnetic so the bits stay in place and the whole tool will stick to a metal object
  • the bright handle is easy to spot in a tool box or pannier
  • there is little to go wrong

In fact the only thing wrong with the Scruzol is it’s name!  Sorry, but it rolls off the tongue like a rock.  I think it should be renamed the Lazy Driver and I’ll do TV infomercials as long as I get a box of ’em free…=-)

My Canadian Tire racheting screw driver...

The screw driver above is what I use currently.  It’s fine, but the cap securing the extra bits unscrews itself when you use the racheting mode of the tool and getting bits out/putting them away is a PITA.  It’s also a lot bigger than the Scruzol so I’m not inclined to carry it with me on my bike.

Good idea - poor design...

So how good is the Scruz-inator?  Well I put my big racheting driver back in my tool box and I’m taking the Scruz-er to Baja with me.  I’ll also take the Scruz-master with me on any future bike tours.  I’m not sure how much they cost, but if they’re under $20 I’ll buy two more so I can leave one in my truck and one in my kiteboarding/surfing parts box.

All kidding about the name aside I’m really impressed with this tool.



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3 01 2011
Rob E.

That looks awesome. I’m always looking for tools that pack a lot of functionality into a small package. My emergency bike repair kit usually does the job for quick repairs on my commute, but for longer rides, I often want to actually fix something, not just make it work well enough to get to the end, and that usually means “real” tools. My current traveling screwdriver is an old Craftsmen with replaceable tips, several of which have gone missing over the years due to a less-than-secure storage situation. And the tool itself is larger than almost any single screwdriver in my toolbox. It just made up for its size by replacing all of the screwdrivers (when I had all the tips). This looks just as functional, more compact, and far less likely to shed bits at inopportune times. Are any of those bits made to replace an Allen Wrench? If so, this may be my dream tool. If I can find a source for it in the US, that is.

3 01 2011
Rob E.

By-the-way, in my search to buy one of these, I found them on sale at Canadian Tire for 7.99, 60% off of their list price of $19.99, so if you want to stock up on them, now may be the time. I’m going to have to see if they ship across the border.

3 01 2011

There are soem hex bits that would work in the place on allen keys….check the company website for a listing of the exact type of bits provided.

3 01 2011

I’m running crazy short on time as this is my last day before the drive south, but if I can make it to CDN tire I’ll buy 2 for me and grab 1 for you. I can mail it from CA when I get to my friend’s place in LA. Keep an eye on the comments for this post. If I get you one it will be today and I’ll post before bed.

3 01 2011
Rob E.

That would be awesome. Thanks for the thought even if you don’t make it to the store. I spent some puzzling minutes trying to figure out the Canadian Tire shipping situation before I realized that they don’t have any shipping options even within Canada.

3 01 2011

Rob – I got you one. Just email me your addy. I can’t promise 100% I’ll get it in the mail as I have a lot of stuff to do in LA, but I’d say it was 75% likely and worst case I’d mail it on my way home from Baja.

Thanks for the tip – they were indeed only $8.

3 01 2011
Scruzol PT 2… « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] Rob let me know Canadian Tire had the Scruzol on sale for $7.99cdn so I went by there today and got 4 [3 for me and 1 for Rob]. I would have bought a couple for $18 each, but at less than $10 they are a bargain. […]

3 01 2011
Rob E.

That is awesome. E-mail sent. Thanks so much.

3 01 2011
Rob E.

New information on availability: While I was trying to find a local source, and before Vik went and did my shopping for me, I sent an e-mail via the Scruzol website to ask about U.S. availability. They forwarded my e-mail to Juergen Weichert at who has some in stock and does mail order. If you can’t get one locally and you drop a line through the site, Juergen may be able to hook you up.

8 02 2011

@Rob – sorry I didn’t get the Scruzol off to you before Mexico, but I am headed back shortly and will mail it while in the US this time!

8 02 2011
Rob E.

Not a problem. I look forward to getting to put the famous Scruzol to work, but I’m in no hurry.

17 02 2011

@Rob – the package is in the mail…enjoy!

24 02 2011
Rob E.

Scruzol received. I haven’t been able to put it through its paces yet, but it looks like the perfect addition to my traveling tool kit. Thanks so much.

1 03 2011

I have to hold up the “gadget Gal” end, now don’t I! Thanks Peter for sending me one, and I hope you put my $10 donation to good use. I’m like a kid with magnetic lego when it comes to stuff like this – I haven’t actually used it because I’m too busy playing with it. It’s not really meant for cyclists, as we don’t usually carry power tools, and you kind of need the variable handle-to-bit angle to get at screwheads, but I could certainly see it sold with “expansion kits” to make it more specific to cyclists, knitters, and other niche groups. The barrel looks like it could almost hold a CO2 cartridge, and of course, a presta/schrader valve, and blade (when is a knife when you want to cut stuff?) and small ruler and LED light would be great. Actually, three tiny screws have just fallen off the casing of my camera, and I was thinking a micro/torx version for IT/eyeglasses/jewelry would be cool. Add make the plastic different colors with a leather strap to hang it around your neck. And I want it in Princess Pink to match my Bike Friday tikit! Seriously, I will pop it on the seatbag for the next ride.

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