Don’t disappoint me!

1 01 2011

This is what happens to stuff that lets me down...

I’m going to be ruthless in 2011.  If you are a product that sucks I will terminate you!

I’m getting too old to waste time on a floor pump that wants to push air out the Schrader nozzle when I hook it up to a Presta valve and wants to push air out the Presta nozzle when I connect it to a Schrader valve.

Message to the rest of my gear – “Learn from this pump’s mistake and don’t play me for a fool or Mr. V will take you out with the trash!”


When I get back from Baja I’m going shopping for a decent floor pump.



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1 01 2011
Alistair Gunn

Topeak Joe Blow Sport gets my vote …

1 01 2011

I had the same pump from MEC. I hated the head and was about to replace the pump. Then I tried replacing the head with this one:

…from the MEC. Now it works awesome and is way cheaper than a new pump.

1 01 2011

Welcome to the club. Growing up my dad drove me nuts differentiating between the words “cheap” and “inexpensive”. He was fine purchasing “inexpensive” quality goods but he would *NEVER* consider buying something “cheap”.

1 01 2011

Great tip Fred. Glad I didn’t throw that pump out yet. The head is the part that’s the problem. I didn’t think there was a cost effective way to resolve the issue. I’ll give it a try.

2 01 2011

Reminded me of my altercation with a floor pump one late evening at Bike Friday …

6 01 2011


Get the bike pump from Planet Bike. Hands down, this has been one of the best designed out there that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

23 01 2011
Robert Alverson

I really like my Silca Pista. I got it out of the trash at work, and after a little grease and $14 of parts, it works like a champ. The head screws onto the valve, and the is very little to break or wear out. As far as I know, the parts are generally available through QBP, and are pretty cheap and long wearing.

Of course, if you can swap out the head and avoid buying a whole new pump, all the better.

12 02 2011
Thanks Fred… « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] I posted a while back about being pissed off my cheap floor pump stopped working reliably. New hose and nozzle installed… […]

16 02 2011
Lezyne Classic Floor Drive Pump « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] I liked it a lot and should probably have just bought the one I was testing, but I didn’t so when my cheap-skate MEC floor pumps failed me again I had no one to blame!  Fred’s tip on replacing the nozzle on my old MEC floor pump meant […]

23 04 2014

Did you check the rubber gasket inside. Sometimes you turn them around to get proper valve type?

23 04 2014

This is a post from 2011. The pump is long gone. 😉

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