The last Friday of 2010!

31 12 2010

Who needs a kickstand?

It was fitting that on the last Friday of 2010 my last bike ride was my Bike Friday Tikit.  I needed a pre-NYE haircut and who needs the hassle of driving?

What lock?

My trusty little buddy got me there and back with a smile.  I enjoyed the warm sun and the quiet streets.  2010 was a great year.  I’m glad my Bike Friday was a big part of it.



7 responses

31 12 2010

I’m glad that Rob at Recumbentblog pointed me in your direction. This is a great blog.
I just added you to the trails network blogroll. I’m sure the trailsnet readers will enjoy reading your blog, too.
Have a Happy New Year!!

31 12 2010
Val Garou

Happy New Years, Vik. You’re blog has been a thought-provoking part of my daily routine this year. Thanks.

31 12 2010
Micheal Blue

That’s a cute bike and must be lots of fun. My commuter is a Dahon with 20″ wheels. I finished the year with a 20-km joy-ride along the lake shore in Toronto this afternoon.

31 12 2010

Happy New Year Vik. I’ve enjoyed your blog for nearly a year now. I wanted to ask, what’s the story on the wheel on you bike rack? Did you buy a special rack with the rolling wheel or did you make it?

1 01 2011
Ty Smith

Happy New Year Vik! I have also enjoyed your blog quite a bit and it has helped me more times than I can countl Have a safe and happy New Year!


1 01 2011

Great job on your blog this year. Looking forward Baja posts.

5 01 2011

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